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Quick question: Have you quit Facebook because of Google Plus? If so, I'd like love to hear your rationale for the switch. Feedback welcome in the comments or to me at @emikolawole-- Thanks!
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No i haven't left Facebook. All my family and close friends are on there and i can't get them to even give G+ a try :((
Thanks, Gilles. That's interesting. Do you think, if you left, they'd be more inclined to follow?
I don't think so .. they are not, let's say, inclined to try new things on the computer. They just stick to what they know ..
No, it would be too premature for me. I have social connections on Facebook that aren't replicated by G+ and I'm not sure if they ever will be. But, the integration with my Gmail is so great, that further enhancements could well put me over the edge.
Both interesting points. Thanks! I've known only a handful of people who have left Facebook cold turkey. It's definitely difficult. Do you know of friends who are leaving even if you won't? Gilles, I know your folks are reluctant to leave. But, as I've gotten older, I've noticed people have been peeling off or stepping back in terms of the amount of information they contribute.
One important point I would add: G+ does local better. I realized this when I began to use the Android app. I'm not sure why Google has not carried the "nearby" option to the browser experience. When it does, I think it could be a significant game changer.
No, but I'm fantasizing about it. Need the critical mass first, but I'm increasingly confident that it will come.
Think google+ is more business friendly - i am going to keep facebook for friends n family
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