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Michael Kinyon
mathematician, webcomics enthusiast
mathematician, webcomics enthusiast

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Overheard at the Thanksgiving gathering...
Ethan: Did you get more chocolate than me?
Chris: Yeah
Ethan: So did I!

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Ha ha! This is really awesome!

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Linus and Lucy! This is one of my favorite of Benoit's performances of this song.

Overheard on the bus: "1am. Does that mean 1am in the morning?"

Grade homework at 3:30am? Sure.

There will be some internet silence from me for a couple of days. I'm taking the family camping. See you Sunday night.

I am about to submit a grant proposal while listening to Yanni. Is there a connection between these things? I DON'T KNOW!

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Wish someone would have told me this years ago...

If you're a webcomicker, especially someone I know on Twitter, and if you have circled me in the last couple of days, there is a high probability that I didn't notice because of the flood of Circle sharing. Just let me know if I didn't circle you back.
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