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Uttering or even verbally threatening another employee or to make things worse, to one's superior is a major misconduct. Some may say that they did not mean what they say but still, the incident has happened. Such act is also consider insubordination, as th...
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Repeat of the Similar Misconduct / Nature of Misconduct
through Industrial Court proceeding in the case of Kamala Loshanee a/p
Ambalavanar v Jaffnese Co-Operative Society [1998] 7 MLJ 61, the Court held
that past misconducts of a similar nature may justify dismissal. It states as
follows; "In
my judgmen...
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Under Performing Employees / Probationer
Briefly, managing a probationer and non-performer should be as the following guideline  The probationer must be  informed of his weaknesses ; He must  be warned for underperforming ; and He must be given  reasonable period for him to improve . Therefore, up...
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Master-Servant Relationship
Any known act of misconduct, immediate action must be taken against the employee  upon knowledge of the misconduct  even if the misconduct had happened months (or even years) before it surfaced. Failure to take disciplinary action (or any other action) agai...
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Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT)
fundamentals of the employer-employee relationship is based on the principals
of fiduciary trusts . When the basic
fundamental of the relationship is breached by either party, then there is
sufficient excuse or reason for the relationship to end i.e. em...
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