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Leadership. Creativity. Social Media Impact.
Leadership. Creativity. Social Media Impact.

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Join us for this important discussion, as we examine diversity in regards to keynote, featured speakers, and conference presenters. Thanks to +Dorian Roberts for the title inspiration!

Want to join us on the panel?  Please leave a comment saying "Panelist" on this page.  Please be ready by 12:50 to check audio, etc.  This works best on a computer, with headphones.  

To all viewers, please follow along on Twitter with the #EduMatch hashtag.

1.+Leslie Fagin 
2.+William Jeffery 
3.+Philip Cummings 
4. +Sofie Sandell 
5. +Tara Linney 

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Hello everyone. This community will close down. If you would like to stay connected please give my Facebook page a like. 

Thank you! Sofie

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#FeelingProud, got my course certification for 'Why We Post: the Anthropology of Social Media'. An inspiring course about what's really happening online and how we use social media in different cultures.
The tutors followed people in Italy, Turkey, England, India, China, Brazil and Chile, for over one year, and in the course they share what they learned.

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The next Google Hangout is on Friday 10am UK time! Tune in :) 

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'Since the major dating apps still haven't got their act together to put safety before profit you have to be cautious about how and where you meet people.

The police suspect that a large number of rapes and crimes go unreported. People feel ashamed after agreeing to meet up with the perpetrator beforehand.

The online world is full of scammers, stalkers and rapists and you need to stay safe. Your own safety is key in all your relationships. If your gut tells you that something is wrong, something probably is. Stay away.'

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Anyone who's sound / noise sensitive check out my article 'The noise of your brand'

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Our next hangout is about making decisions, some are good and some are bad., and what can we learn? 

Tune in 5th February for 9 deadly sins to avoid in decision making. 

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Next week it's time for out first Google Hangout of 2016. Tune in and listen to +Filipe Carrera , +Peter Milligan and me discuss 9 ways of being a better version of you. 

All welcome! 

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New year and new you. Tune in and listen to our discussion about being a better version of you! 

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Anyone else used 'Dr Google' for inspiration improving your energy level? I've done it and that's what inspired me to write this article.

I wish all readers a successful year ahead with lots of use of the crucial vitamins: Vitamin B - The Bullshit Antioxidant and Vitamin K - Knowledge.
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