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Abdikhadar Abdi

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Kill La Kill
Kiryuin Satsuki Ryuko Motoi This anime is something I could almost call a best seller, now the thing is, I hate spoilers so much it makes my blood boil, but on the other hand I want to tell you this great show for those who don't know about, Kill La Kill is...

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Goten Goten, like gohan is a half human half saiyan hybrid. Goten is one of the protagonists in the DragonBall manga and the son of the leading protagonist of the Dragonball manga, Goku. As Goten's Mother Chi-Chi mentioned Goten does look like his father in...

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Broly- The Legendary Super Saiyan
Broly's Super saiyan State Broly's normal state Like any Sayain, Broly is a Saiyan Survivor but not out of coincidence, he apparently as a baby, he and his father Paragus were close to being obliterated by the hands of the sinister Frezia, but luckily broly...

sit on my lap

I love ellias.



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Fairy Tale
Natsu Dragneel    A young little wizard boy who was raised by a real fire breathing dragon. Natsu Dragneel is a first generation dragon slayer. Natsu had a very scary nickname, and that was "Salamander". Natsu a fighting will worth praising considering he i...
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