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Dave Rolsky

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Gabor interviewed me. Listen as I hold forth on my grand unified theory of Perl, vitamins, and the government conspiracy to put Python into our toasters so they can control our minds with indentation!
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Dave Rolsky

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Can I share an RSS feed? If I could, is there any purpose to sharing an RSS feed of my blog? No clue.
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Hi Dave, good luck,
I hope didn't bring you a lot of problems in connection with
but I like your project very much, it's cool!
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This place serves a good variety of cheap, delicious vegetarian food. I love their (mock) meat sauce on rice or with sesame noodles. The curry was a little disappointing, though. If you're looking for something strong tasting I'd suggest getting something else. Overall, this place offers a ridiculously good value for the money.
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In contrast to Mr. Lutterloh, I found this abandoned clay pit to be rather disappointing. I guess I was expecting more pit-ness from this particular pit, especially after reading his review. I question his expertise in abandoned clay pits. Clearly it doesn't even come close to my own. I've visited abandoned clay pits all over the world, from Guam to Guyana, from Paris to Peru. I've even seen the great abandoned clay pits of the Fruglefefferschnezpam civilization. Now those are some truly magnificent abandoned clay pits. Honestly, given the quality of this abandoned clay pit, I can't even imagine why it was abandoned in the first place. Surely there were other clay pits more worth of abandonment?
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