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Marc-André Lureau
French, open source developer, working at Red Hat.
French, open source developer, working at Red Hat.

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checking out some talks from polyconf

Nice to see a new git release to start 2016! +Junio C Hamano what do you use to list the new and returning contributors? Is the script somewhere in git.git? It would be nice to have this report more widely for other projects.

As a quick hack (forget my sh-foo), I did an attempt to list contributors per order of first commit, this is quite nice for fun facts :) makes me wonder if sql queries wouldn't be more powerful for such reports, but I guess someone already did something about that..

git log --pretty=format:"%an~ %ai : %s : %ae" | sort | sort -t~ -k1,1 -u | sort -t~ -k2

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El Capitan makes developers' life harder...

TL;DR: If your package has shared libraries, "make check" cannot work properly on Mac OS X El Capitan.

If you are a Unix developer (i.e., you don't use Xcode) who wants her package behave properly on El Capitan be aware of a new "feature": LD_LIBRARY_PATH (well, its OK equivalent) is filtered (by the OS) from a process to its children.  So, concretely, if your package features shared libraries and executables linked again these DSOs, then you can no longer run the executables uninstalled.  You have to install it first, since you cannot use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to have your executable use the uninstall libraries.  Forget about "make check", you are left with "make installcheck".  And a lot of time wasted in stupid "make install" rounds...

This feature comes with the System Integrity Protection, introduced in El Capitan.  It can be disabled at boot time.  Sure, I could do that on the machines I develop on, but am I really expected to tell my users to reboot their machine to run "make check" on my packages???

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surprising ending! :)

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So The Verge says that the escalation between the big web platforms is going to kill small publishers by starving them of ad revenue.  As a small publisher, I find my attention drawn by this kind of thing.

Advertising has never worked all that well for LWN; it brings in just enough money that we can't just turn it off, but not much more.  Advertising is a pain to manage, we have to play a continual game of whack-a-mole to keep offensive ads off the site, and it subjects our readers to invasive tracking.  I detest it.

Thus, I would sure love to get to a point where we were completely reader-supported and could leave this whole advertising mess behind us.  Maybe if all of you who aren't LWN subscribers would sign up, we could get there...

I didn't realize how much i needed rebase --edit-todo until now.. it could use some more sugar, but that's good enough for now

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works great!
Vocal 1.0 is finally here! Read our announcement and then visit our downloads page to try it today!

To send money, you must live in one of the countries where this is supported. :(  #fail #gmail  
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