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Today in the zoo I went thru the dermestids for the first time in.....


It's been years.

so many bones

I have them degreasing now.

There were mummies in there from so long ago I don't even have record of where I got them. Had to soak and remove hides for the beetles. That was a pleasant smell.... plus I changed the solutions in many of my wetmount specimens. I feel.... disgusting.

I need a shower...

Or 12.

Know what? I'mma go drink and bathe in bleach and scalding hot water for a few hours. Maybe I'll be able to get the stench to leave my nose and skin....

On the plus side, my crow is starting to come when I click my tongue. I'm actually doing it. I'm actually training and befriending a conscious thinking being; a wild corvid. This is so damn cool. My dog couldn't be more furious. He hatttes that crow. I give it food and attention while locking my dog in the house, therefore it is doggo enemy #1.

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I don't give a fuck where you sit on politics: this here is a funny-ass photoshop.

One more personal life update, because it occurred to me I never updated y'all on my mental state. After battling severe depression for years, I can honestly say that for the last 7 months or so I am actually happy. It's great. Not that I'm always happy now, but that my general default emotion is. It's absolutely amazing. :) I genuinely don't know that I've ever felt this good. Something about actually having a genuine connection with someone and working toward your goals.. it just feels good, man. 

In the eeearly process of designing a maze and or an obstacle course for the ratties. Any suggestions of things to include? Of course of course I will record them playing in it. 

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True story. Truuuuuuue story. 
Reach out to those who are alone or who have withdrawn from activities they used to do. ❤️❤️❤️ Those who are thinking of suicide do not have the strength to reach out to those around them.

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The old "baking soda/super glue" trick. Don't do it.

I know I normally keep personal stuff off of G+, but wow I just gotta share this somewhere. My mom hasn't been told yet and my brother is still on the other side of the world. And I'm going to explode if I don't tell someone!

I just found out my cousin is having a baby! And then in the process of talking to her, I found out my other cousin is also having a baby! Two new cousin babies! Ahhhhh! I'm shocked. Ecstatic for them, but shocked. First kids for both of them. :)

One is due around the end of the year and the other due in September. I'm so excited. Throwing a shower in August for the one, dunno about the other yet. 
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