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This week at the same spot I can tell that the construction is close to finish a least for the fundamental structure. From the rendering expression of the apartment advertisement, it seems that there will be four floors plus basement altogether. Yet as for now the lower levels are highly in shape while the top story is still in merely timber frame.
Interestingly the system of the entire building, basement foundation and the a layer of support within top of the first floor is made of concrete (probably pre-cast because it needs a lot space which I don't see in the site, to cast such a large piece), while the first story itself uses bricks for shear wall, and, the second and third story is constructed by wood beams and trusses.
Since the forth story is still very early stage, I doubt if it would be made by different type of methods so that they wait until the last to finish.
I wonder the reason why they use all these different ways to construct load beating wall and shear wall might be the building itself in the multi-stories would serve as different functions, commercial and residential for example.
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