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Chad Carius
Engineering student, photography lover, all around nerd, <>
Engineering student, photography lover, all around nerd, <>

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New Doctor Who movie in the works. I'm interested, excited, scared, and skeptical all at once.

I'm so excited. Gamefly just shipped Skyrim.Now I must get homework done in order to maximize free time.

Sad fact: In the next 10 months, we only get one new episode of Doctor Who.

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I loved Trollhunter. The shaky cam can get annoying sometimes; but it is creepy and well worth a watch. And it's on Netflix streaming in HD.

I'm getting Gears of War 3 from Gamefly. Hopefully I can find some time to play it this weekend.

And the gods came down and gave until us Breaking Bad on Netlfix streaming.

I've been wanting to dive into BrBa for a while and it appears that now is the time.

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Scientists discover a planet made out of diamonds thus proving that some of the episodes of Dr. Who are true.

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There is no way this will ever happen. They will not be able to call it Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter. Right????

Oh yeah!!!! It seemed unlikely but I'm getting Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Gamefly. All the good reviews are getting me excited.
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