Google sent me Chromebook a few days ago for winning HTML5 Game Development Contest on +Udacity 

After buying US-CZ adapter, I have turn it on, connected to Wi-Fi and gave it a try.

– It boots really fast. From completely turned off state, you can use it in 10 seconds.
– It is really thin and lightweight.
– Battery life is around 6 hours.
– USB 2, USB 3, HDMI, SD and audio output.
– Chrome tabs and apps are synced automatically with desktop, so you feel like "at home".
– Touchpad is MacBook style, with two-fingers scroll gesture. You can even switch on natural scroll which i prefer, here called "Australian scrolling" :D USB mouse is also working.
– Next to Chrome, there are a few other built-in apps: Files with Photo Editor and Video Player, Calculator, Camera, Remote Desktop and Hangouts. And you can install thousands of apps from Store.

But I don't know if I, as Android developer, find any use case. Maybe for note taking in school (keyboard seems to be better than on Asus Transformer). Still it is an interesting device, Chrome experience is definitely better than on Android tablet.

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