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Tara - GlutenFreeHart
Coeliac and surviving.. in part due to coffee & wine
Coeliac and surviving.. in part due to coffee & wine

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The following recipe is one that I have used for many years.  It's a family favourite and dare I say it.. almost a pantry staple in our house  😆 It's a KRAFT recipe which has been adapted slightly to a cater for us gluten free folk.   I have made it thousa...

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Chocolate Brownie Recipe? Here you go..
An adapted recipe from Donna Hay - Fast Fresh Simple. 
1 + 1/4 Cup Caster Sugar, 150g butter, 3/4 Cup GF Cocoa - all into a saucepan on low heat. Once all combined, spoon mixture into a bowl, add 3 eggs & 1 tsp vanilla extract and combine. Sift 1/2 cup GF flour into mix and combine (I used Well & Good SR Flour). Pour into lined 20cm square cake tin and bake in a 160 degree oven for 30/35 minutes. Cool in tin 👍

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That's all very Well and Good
The last 8 weeks in our house have been a whole lot of CRAZY to say the least. We have had mad LEARNER DRIVER practise, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Netball season starting, Footy season starting, THE Practical Driving Assessment (third time's a charm 😉), wisdom...

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GLUTEN FREE WHEAT FREE DAIRY FREE YEAST FREE GMO FREE EGG FREE PEANUT FREE TREE NUT FREE Australian owned and operated - Casalare gets a big thumbs up from me right off the bat.  What also really impresses me, are methods utilised in the manufacture of thei...

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There are some excellent cannelloni tubes in dried pasta form but with the release of new fresh gluten free lasagne sheets, I recently had a go at making my own tubes with them. It produced excellent cannelloni and so I thought I would share what I do. Spin...

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New & Improved fro Lifestyle Bakery
Aren't we lucky that we have such an array of gluten free products available to us nowadays?  Especially bread .  I shudder to think of the gluten free selection ( or lack of.. ) of days gone by.. You may have noticed a familiar face in the bread aisle rece...

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Clear out the Pantry Biccies
So it is a constant source of annoyance when the kids ask for NEW cereal when they haven't finished the existing box. You're with me, right?? "Please mum pleeeeeeaasssse, can we? can weeeeeeee? pleeeeeeease" and even if you dare to stand your ground and say...

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Pumpkin Soup
Easiest soup, great to disguise some other veggies in and super yum. Ingredients 2 x 1L GF Chicken Stock  1 whole Butternut Pumpkin cut into small pieces 1/2 Brown Onion chopped 2 Carrots chopped 1 large Potato chopped 2 Celery sticks chopped 1 tsp Ground C...

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Gluten Free Donuts
When I learned I had Coeliac Disease, there were a lot of never agains.. Never again will I experience the softness and deliciousness that is REAL bread Never again will I enjoy the crisp taste of an icy cold REAL beer Never again will I relish the taste se...
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