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From my local news today (Bay News 9). Closer video of the ground waving and house crashing into it. #Land-O-Lakes,#Florida #sinkhole 7/14/2015.
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Memories & Kisses (Yellow Silk Dreams) Kindle Edition
by @MuffyWilson (Author)

There are many delectable works to choose from +Muffy WIlson that I will recommend her website, which has her free book Please to Tease!

Go visit her now! :
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#Divine #Delicious #Debauchery

“Come join me in divine, delicious debauchery,” he said in a voice so enticingly seductive, Amy couldn’t believe he had said it to her.

She had lived a sheltered life, barely more than an existence really, and she checked the spaces beside and behind her to be sure he wasn’t addressing someone else.

Jesse stood with his hand out, piercing her with his grey eyes and holding her stare with his own. She took a step and started to reach, but withdrew. He didn’t falter. His arm stayed outstretched, with his rough hand extended, palm up, insistent and waiting.

Again Amy reached haltingly and this time he clasped her hand in his before she could change her mind. Nevertheless, he didn’t move. Jesse stood still, raking her with his eyes, and she realized it was a challenge. The decision to move any further would be hers.

Jesse cocked a brow, refusing to take his eyes off hers. She risked a full length glance and realized that he oozed sensuality. Every inch of his delicious body made her teeth sweat, but she wondered about the long term prospect thinking, he is delicious, and maybe we will be a divine union. Will we love deeply enough to make even debauchery divine in our perfection, or is he the epitome of walking sex with a few ten dollar words?

But she already knew half the answer. No one had ever aroused her interest the way he had in the space of five minutes. And I’m sick of my boring life. I’m sick of my world. I’m sick to death of nothing ever changing.

Amy clasped Jesse’s hand more tightly and took the first step.

Jesse grinned with wickedness shining in his eyes and licked his full lips.

Amy was hit by the enormity of making a sudden decision which she would never be able to turn back from. It was thrilling and terrifying. Amy wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh hysterically or lose her lunch.

By Wildfire8470

#Flasher #Friday #Flash #Fiction #erotic #romance #short #story #temptation #life-altering #decision #wip

©June 07, 2017 – 03:09 PM
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#Traits of a #True #Dominant

Online, you will find a lot of people that give themselves the title Dominant-Master / Domme-Mistress or take on a cyber persona imitating that of famous ancient sadists.
Does that mean that they are real Dominants? Do they have the internal character makeup of what I term as a True Dominant? Or are they just bullies, players, and wannabes?

...The Dominant sees your submission as a gift.
Submission is a gift that is given and never taken. If it is taken that is abuse and the one that takes it is not a Dominant but a bully.

The Dominant always takes responsibility.
When you are restrained, you are depending on your Dominant's care for your safety. Ensure your Dominant knows your scene, the safety challenges and make sure you both know the safe words or hand gestures in place. A Dominant will always honor these.

A Dominant will know and accept their limitations.
False pride can be dangerous. When dealing with the life of another, as some scenes in fact do, you need to trust that your Dom knows and accepts their limitations. He does not think he is a god and above all reproach. He knows that he is only human...


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PERSONAL NOTE: If you don't care, you are dangerous.

Subdrop and Aftercare

Sub Drop can come in many different forms. Sub Drop is the emotional and physical effects of the release and drop of endorphins in the body after a play session. Since the increase of hormones and chemicals has produced a trance-like state (subspace), as play ends the submissive may feel out-of-body, detached from reality. As the sub's system stops producing morphine-like drugs, and as the nervous system kicks in again, the sub may feel a deep exhaustion, a sharp drop in temperature, as well as incoherence and uncoordinated.

Drop can also happen if play is stopped abruptly. BDSM play is a very vulnerable experience for people. It often involves exposing one's inner-self in ways that one has never before done. Sometimes, inexperienced Tops will begin BDSM play, and then abruptly terminate a scene and walk away. This can leave the abandoned sub in a very down state - feeling that they engaged their sense of trust to allow a Top to play with them, and that the Top simply let them splatter on the ground...

#BDSM #Subdrop #Aftercare

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What Is a #Submissive?

The text book #definition of a submissive is a person that takes the passive, receiving, or obedient role; one who relinquishes control for a large percentage of his or her day-to-day life to a top, or who submits within a formal set of rules and rituals.

A submissive / slave is usually aware first of the wants, needs and expectations of the Dominant figure around her and not concerned as much with her own wants, needs and expectations.

A submissive explores the new world of surrendering power to another. It is not surprising that people engaged in D/s often spend a lot of energy determining what are the appropriate bounds of submission and control to incorporate into their play. For those for whom this kind of power exchange is a lifestyle expression, the scope of dominance and submission implemented may be quite extensive.

When trying to define roles, the word of slave enters into the picture. While some people insist that the word slave, like the word submissive, can mean to the individual anything they want it to mean, it is a fact of the established and more experienced leather community that slavery in an M/s sense of the word has specific connotations, and that slavery differs from submission in significant ways. I want to explore those differences here and illustrate why I believe that a submissive and a slave are two entirely different creatures, as unlike as apples and oranges.

submissive or slave?

I will offer a definition of submissive and slave first put forth by Steven Davis on the old newsgroup on Usenet in 1995. A submissive renews the choice to submit every time a demand is levied upon her. A slave makes a one-time choice to submit, up front, and thereafter it is obligatory upon her to obey.

At the heart of submission is the choice to submit and the option to say No. The submissive decides how much authority she will cede to another, how much control she will bow to, and what aspects of her life she will surrender to the Dominant's command. Submissive power exchange is about choice: about the option to decide how one feels about a command and what one is going to do about it. At any point that the sub is not comfortable with this arrangement, it is within her rights to say "No, I'm not going to do that", and this becomes a signal to the couple that they need to renegotiate something. It does not completely derail the power dynamic between them....

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Broken Jade

Jade took her first steps on the catwalk feeling like something was amiss. She just wasn’t able to put her finger on it. She was no stranger to the catwalk or the dog-eat-dog world of modeling, but tonight would be unlike any other.

She joined the rest of the girls in dress change, as usual. In the few moments they had to prepare, everyone was reaching, grabbing, and rifling through clothes, jewelry, furs, and feathers. The rush and tension had dulled her senses to anything outside of being ready in time.

As she stepped behind the curtain to ready herself for her last walk of the night, she noticed a strange movement in the shadowed corner.

“Probably just one of the girls taking speed or shooting up,” she thought, trying to shake off a feeling of dread.

Suddenly, Miss Kent, head of the Ford modeling agency, changed the lineup and Jade was at the back of the line. She would be the one to close the show. Jade hated waiting. It made her nervous.

She fell in love with Melea three years ago, two of which they had lived under the same roof. She noticed movement in the corner shadows again and gauged her time.

“I’m on in about three minutes,” she thought, as she stepped from line to investigate.

She pulled back the curtain to let the backstage light in, and found Melea between the thighs of a young, new model. There was no time for this now. Jade ran back to the line with Melea calling after her, but Miss Kent hurriedly pushed her onto the catwalk.

She stepped from the heavy curtain feeling dazed, hurt, dizzy, and enraged. Cameras flashed everywhere as she tried to slap on a smile and wing it, until she was taking her last steps.

She urged herself through it thinking, “Almost there. Almost home. You can make it.”

Just as she was ready to dissolve into tears, a fashion photographer appeared just inside the curtain. He had caught her raw emotions, rage, and discomposure, in a single shot that could end her career. She could already imagine tomorrow’s headlines.

Jade pushed by the obnoxious photographer and ran for the exit, nearly knocking Miss Kent off her feet in the process. For just a moment, she thought of how many times she had slapped on a smile, and how Miss Kent had direct say about her life, work, eating habits, almost everything. She realized just how public her triumphs had been, but hadn’t expected her failures to be as well.

She ran down the stairs until the stern voice of Miss Kent stopped her.

“Jade! Jade! Unprofessional doesn’t begin to cover it,” she began her angry tirade.

Feeling utterly betrayed, and profoundly broken, pain and anger poured from her lips. In a fit of overwhelming emotions, she screamed,

“Yea! Yea! I’ll let you know where to send my last fucking check!”

The last thing she heard was Miss Kent yelling, “You don’t mean that, Jade! You get back here now!”

But this time, she didn’t stop, couldn’t stop. With the picture of Melea etched into mind, she raced for the car and pulled onto a highway that may never end. Leaving behind her love and her life, she gunned the engine, heading for anywhere but here.

By Wildfire8470

#Flash #fiction #short #story #erotica #lesbian #Thursday #thrills
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