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Living creatively!

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End of the Year or Beginning of Summer?
It's that time of year!!! I'm wrapping up the school year and really looking forward  to the summer with my little man (who turned 5 months this week😍) I'll be spending the next week of school passing back artwork, doing one day drawing assessments and giv...

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Spring Paint and Sips at Greene's!!
Paint and sips are back!! Come on out to Greene's in Oswego for an evening of beginner level painting with me!! Register Here!! Greene's Dates Feb. 25th-Cherry Blossoms $25.00 USD March 24th-Tulips $25.00 USD April 28th-Paint a MUG $30.00 USD April 28th-Pai...

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Mid July Update!
Well July is almost over and I feel like it has been a whirlwind of a month. Vacation is not so much a vacation as it is a time to catch up and get ahead. I have really been trying to get on here and post some project overviews but I have been bogged down w...

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50 Boredom Busters for Kids!
We are few weeks into summer vacation here and if you have kids you may already be running out of entertainment ideas or patience.  Have no fear-50 Boredom Busters for Kids are Here!  At the end of the school year when I passed back students work I included...

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Google Grades-Getting Started
I promised to explain how Google has made grading a cinch for me this year. And by cinch, I mean as easy as grades and a customized grade book can be. There is a learning curve, but I will walk you through and be here to answer questions when you need it. Y...

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Clay Projects for Elementary- Primary Ceramic Wall Hangers
In case you don't know, I am a lover of ceramics. It is my medium of choice. I share this love of clay  with my students and push their clay making ability as far as I can in my classroom. Like all my projects, I have a spiraling clay curriculum with my cla...

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5 Things You Should Be Buying at Real Deals (or another dollar store)
I have a confession. I have a slight obsession with Real Deals. I stop almost every week to see what's new. If you are wary about going to Real Deals or a dollar store, don't be. Unless you have tons of extra money to spend on things you need, then you can ...

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In the Art Room...#7- Youth Art Month, Glue Sponges & Clay Projects
It's Youth Art Month! It's March! Which means it's time to celebrate all things art education!  If you aren't using this month to showcase your art program you should. It's a perfectly good reason to brag about how awesome your art students are and what an ...

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Target Field Trip Grant! Corning Museum of Glass
On top of my weekly happenings in the art room(Check out in the art room  #1    #2    #3   #4     #5     #6    #7    #8   )I have been keeping a project a secret for a bit!! I WON the Target Field Trip Grant! ! I applied back in September and played the wai...

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In the Art Room...#8-Glazing, Youth Art Month & Art Shows
It's been a busy week. I feel like this is the first time I have had a chance to think about it. Students are finishing their clay projects and starting new ones. It's also Youth Art Month. I am hanging a ton of artwork. My Brain hurts. We are finishing fir...
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