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Amazing. :o
She is 58 years old.  Three years ago she was given two years to live.  Open heart surgery, a replaced valve, a pacemaker, a new job, and moving across the country to continue living her life, she activated an Ingress invite this morning and began her training.  She was reluctant to travel far, fearing how tired she might get.  After she hit Level 2, she was told another location rich in AP was only 30 miles away.  "Let's go" was her immediate response, without any hesitation.  She hit Level 3 the same day she started playing, standing triumphantly in the Circle of Georgetown Delaware.

This is Agent CyborgMama.

This is my mother.

This is Ingress.

#ingress   #itsnotagameitsalifestyle  
March 3, 2013
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DAS ist das Internet! :)
How Anonymous helped prevent a teen's suicide 
When 15-year-old Kylie Kylem tweeted her suicidal thoughts, she probably didn’t expect her school bullies to tweet gleeful encouragement. And she really didn’t expect Anonymous and Rustle League to come to her rescue, nor to wake up to hundreds of new followers and scores of supportive, loving messages. Amanda Todd’s legacy is an increased awareness of cyberbullying, and a swift response from Internet warriors around the world.

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Incredible Story:

Their names are Balu, Leo, and, of course, Shere Khan. Inter species friendship between the three deadly predators started when all of them were two months old. Previously, they lived with drug lords, as a symbol of power and social status. Then, during a police raid, they confiscated and placed them in a zoo. Eight years have passed, a chorus of merry trio live in a shelter for animals of Locust Grove (USA, Georgia) and behaves like brothers. Eat, play and sleep together in the general house.

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Richtig geil gemacht. :D

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Ich bin gemeingefährlich.
Achtung vor diesen sogenannten Informatikern!

Die neue Google+-App ist Hammer, gebt es zu!

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Wie wahr...

Toter Marienkäfer im Zimmer - irgendwie gruselig...

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Wir bereiten derzeit eine Reportage zum Thema Cyber-Mobbing vor und suchen dafür mehrere Personen im Alter von 13 bis 20 Jahren, die Cyber-Mobbing selbst erlebt haben und uns ihre Geschichte erzählen wollen. Die Veröffentlichung eurer Fälle erfolgt selbstverständlich anonym. Außerdem dürft ihr das Endergebnis vor der Veröffentlichung sehen und wenn nötig korrigieren. Wir wollen mit der Reportage ein klares Zeichen gegen Cyber-Mobbing setzen und zeigen, dass es sich dabei nicht einfach nur um eine simple Hänselei im Netz handelt. Also traut euch und sendet eure Cyber-Mobbing-Geschichte an Vielen Dank für eure Mithilfe. (ama/bph)

Ob sich hier noch welche hinzu gesellen, wenn ihnen die Facebook Chronik nicht gefällt?
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