Hi guys,

I guess I should post something about my recent activities and thoughts before it gets too long between posts.  I've been thinking about how to implement a thing tracker repository, i.e. a way of storing things which uses the TTN spec. as a basis.

Initial ideas revolved around a web service/app which handles the indexing of metadata, plus the humdrum aspects such as user access etc.  Content distribution would be based on bittorrent - largely following +Derrick Oswald's  thoughts on the matter.  

This idea felt a bit lacking however as, even with the interesting BT aspect, it would be "just another web site" and suffer from many of the problems TTN is aimed at addressing.  So the idea moved on to some form of web app which others could install and run, and which would join up to form the network.  This intuitively feels a step in the right direction, but further discussions and thinking leads to a more extreme, and interesting, proposition: a fully decentralised p2p network client.

The aim is for a client which can discover content from the TTN network, and can be used to publish one's own designs in the network.  The client would ideally cover identification and authentication of participants (though not necessarily personal information) along with versioning as outlined by Derrick in his recent post.

Details are still being worked out, but at the time of writing I am leaning towards a Node-webkit based application using the KadOH Kademlia DHT library for the overlay network (distributing node, thing and tracker information), and using Derricks Bittorrent work as a basis for distributing the actual content.  All open to feedback and opinions of course.

If anyone wants further information just say the word and I will try and find time to knock up some pictures and further explanations.
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