I've been working on an idea over the last few weeks which I would like to share with the community.  It's a proposal for a way to share designs, projects and "things" within the maker community.  To try and present the idea I have created an information website: http://thingtracker.net

To be clear, this is really just a starting point to promote discussion, with the hope that the whole community can provide input, and together we can produce the start of a decentralised Network of Things.

The idea percolated from the discussions following my creating githubiverse [1], and also from the forum thread of +Richard Horne  about a RepRap Object Repository [2].  And whilst it certainly isn't an original idea, I think the time is ripe for something to develop in this area.

I can envision a future where people can develop apps and tools that hook into the Network of Things and offer all kinds of services: search engines; boutique object repositories; personalised lists; and so on.  All open and decentralised.  Pretty idealistic perhaps, but still pragmatic enough to become reality.

There is a whole host of use cases and ideas surrounding the proposal, as well as many potential issues, all of which I hope we can discuss further, leading to something that really benefits the community.  So, if you can find the time, please have a glance over the website and share your opinions.


[1] http://garyhodgson.com/reprap/2012/09/githubiverse-a-github-pages-template-for-3d-printing-projects/#comment-6578
[2] http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,160251,161357#msg-161357
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