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EJ Valson
I like to write about stuff....
I like to write about stuff....

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If It Wasn't So Early, I'd Be "Wining" Right Now!
WOW! I was mighty discouraged today...especially considering that it's the
holiday season. I gave my two-cents in the comment section of a news article
about a woman in the UK who posted a picture of her Christmas Tree with about a million presents (I'm exa...

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On the Eve of My Impending Birthday
I'll be 36 years old in less than 24 hour. "Ooooh big
deal,"….I know, I know. But it's really close to forty and that scares the
crap out of me! Why? Because it means that my thirties are almost over and once
I hit that 40 marker, I'm no longer going to be ...

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Say Hello To My "Little" Friend
THIS IS KATIE! Say "hello" to her. She's my little friend. Seriously, my very little friend. I'm 5'2 and the top of her head, only reaches right below my shoulder. No, she's not a "little" person. She is perfectly proportionate. She's just....compact. Katie...

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My Response to the "21 Rules That Men Have"
  Came across this “list”
today. As I read, the little voices in my head replied with sass, so I thought
I might as well give them a chance to be heard by people other than myself. It’s
all in the name of fun folks, so don’t get your pantalones in a bunch! ...

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Hello All! (Just a little update)
Hello friends, fan and family, It's been quite a long time since I've put anything out there, creatively or otherwise. Most recently, I've been preoccupied by kids sports, work, work, work and you know...the usual. Unfortunately that's created a little proc...

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Let's Do Lunch
Lately I’ve been noticing an ongoing theme in my life. I’m
not exactly sure if I should be more worried about what it says about me, or
other people (I’m hoping the latter)—People don’t follow through! Before Thanksgiving I had a friend reach out to me and

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Welcome To My Whiney Side
Lately I've found myself thinking a lot about people, the world, life, etc. During those moments I often find myself thinking smart-assy, sarcastic and sometimes blunt thoughts. I wonder if I actually said them out loud, would people think I'm negative or h...

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Win an Amazon Gift Card!!!

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  On January 25 th The Nostalgia Effect Trivia Game
will begin kick off!! Answer all 10 trivia questions about The Nostalgia Effect
correctly and qualify to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! It gets better, promote
this event by “Sharing” or “Retweeting” the cont...
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