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   Spoilers about Anne Rice's "Prince Lestat" will naturally be a large part of this broadcast, seeing as how that is the title that myself and two of my co-hosts will be focusing our discussion on.

  We are focusing our attention, during our inaugural broadcast, upon the events, leading to Lestat's rise to power. One of our lovely co-hosts Jo V. will be basing her thoughts about the ramification of Lestat's rise to power, with respects to the complete character reversal, or sudden personality change, that one of the King Henry's in William Shakespeare's historical plays, undergoes before taking the throne. 

  I will be providing my own thoughts about Prince Lestat's parallels with the Roman epic, written by Virgil, entitled "The Aeneid," which I see as being an infamous poem that allegorical conveys the type of radical personality changes that takes affect on Lestat, who goes from being impetuous, to suddenly bearing responsibilities for the whole interconnected community of vampires. She'll share her thoughts on how similiar Prince Lestat is to King Henry. (I cannot, for the life of me, recall any specific roman numerals, but I believe it is King Henry the 4th.)

  Towards the end of the show, we will be celebrating Anne Rice's fun description of the hypothetical Louis and Lestat wedding, by dramatically reading aloud the details that Anne Rice kindly supplied to my book blog last week, when answering a fun question in light of the Supreme Court's Landmark decision on same-sex mairrage.

  We really hope you join us for this extremely fun, hopefully stimulating hour-long talk-radio show style program, where we are encouraging thoughtful analysis of Anne Rice's profound vampire novels.

   Please be sure to RSVP for the event by clicking below, and you can email us your questions before and during the show, by emailing us at

  ALSO, we are holding a very special giveaway of FIVE SIGNED COPIES OF BEAUTY"S KINGDOM for the first five consecutive broadcast. One copy will be randomly given away during the week of the first broadcast. Due to financial limitations, the contest is only open to those, living in either the US or Canada; shipping prices otherwise are obscenely high for international mail. We apologize sincerely for not being able to host all-inclusive, international-friendly contests ,especially since so many of you are from all parts of the globe. 

   The contest will end exactly a week after our broadcast, during which a winner from the pool of individuals with the correct answer to our weekly trivia question (emailed to us during the prescribed window of time) will be randomly selected as the official winner of a signed copy of Anne Rice/ AN Roquelaure's latest erotic fiction novel.

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   A live chat will be held this coming Sunday, May 3rd at 3pm. Eastern, as we discuss three different chapters from "Prince Lestat," including "Marius-Reunion on the Brazillian Shore, "Rhoshmandes and Benedict," and "Lestat." This encompasses about fifty total pages. Come with refreshed thoughts and questions about the material, and plan to discuss this stuff for approx. 60 minutes or so (depending on the material, it can go well over an hour, into an hour/a half.)

  Remember to log into our newly established chatroom, retrofit for live discussions during the course of the broadcast. The link for the chatroom is ", and the case-sensitive password is "PrinceLestat."

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This chat will be focused on the next three consecutive chapters, following both "Marius and the Flowers," and "Story of Gregory." These three chapters are both varied, in what they're discussing, as both the past and emergent events of the story are overlapping at this point, because "Prince Lestat" deals specifically with the ramifications of what occurred previously in the series in "Queen of the Damned."

I am pushing this discussion forward to next Sunday, ensuring everyone has ample time to read/ponder what they're reading.

REMINDER: The chat room will be open before, during, and after the broadcast, for any who wishes to freely express questions, thoughts about the reading, or anything related to Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles.

We are going retro with our chatroom function, and the chatroom can be accessed by following this link- and using the password (case-sensitive)- "PrinceLestat" to gain entry into the private chatroom!

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  In order to allow those who are from different areas of the globe to partake in these discussions, I'm scheduling them for 3pm. Eastern Standard Time on Sundays!

   We'll be focusing on two-three different chapters at a time, till we've reached the end of "Prince Lestat!" Then we will put our book discussion sleuthing skills in the end to conjecture what may/may not happen in the forthcoming sequel to "Prince Lestat:" Blood Paradise.

   Hope to see many of you on Google Hangout on Air for this exciting chat! Keep your eyes peeled for instructions about how to access a special, real-time chat room allowing you to freely discuss things during the broadcast!!

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    For this coming chat (a return to form, apologies for the delay), we are discussing both Chapters 6-Cyril, and Chapter &- Story of Antoine, which go from page 107 of the U.S. Hardcover edition, to around pg. 135.

   1. For the story of Cyril, What are you overall impressions of this chapter, and how does it tie into the beginning sections that first described the presence of the enigmatic, questionable voice that Lestat earlier in the story?  What things does this chapter foreshadow?

  2. About the Story of Antoine, Do you feel that Anne Rice is doing a disservice to the series, as a whole, by showing us the different narratives of the various other vampires, who we have not heard word of, or maybe never been introduced before, until this book? Do you like Antoine at all? How does his story connect to the overarching theme of an emergent awareness, among all the vampires, of a drastic shift undergoing in the way vampires organize themselves, or see themselves as being part of a collective unconscious of sorts?

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For this week’s reading assignment, read from pg. 32/33- 74/75 (depending on the version you have of Prince Lestat) Simply put, read the last section, entitled “Trouble in the Talmasca and the Great Family), to Part 2.

There are only three questions to coincide with this reading:

1.What is the importance, in your opinion, of entitling this section Trouble in the Talmasca and the Great Family? Throughout Prince Lestat, we are going to see many interesting dichotomies of sorts, including materiality/immateriality; science/art (reason/romanticism)? What does the dichotomy of vampires/ Talmasca (on a surface level, seen as just a research of eccentricities, but really a research body into the things, seen as absurdities) represent?

2. In the Aeneid, the epic poem, written by Virgil, is both a  mythic telling of the founding a Rome (a true event, in of itself), but beyond that, it includes the spiritual realm influencing these actions to occur? From reading this section, how will the spiritual realm come into play, to influence the founding of a new vampire era of sorts?

3.What do you believe is the reasons, as to why Maharet and Mekare are not even inc communication with Jessica, or the other vampires, for that matter? Why do they feel they are moribund, in terms of that they can never reach, or be relevant to the legion of new vampires, coming into their own?

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ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: For this first week, you are only to read up to PAGE 32 (in the hardcover US edition), which includes the first two sections of Part 1 of the novel: (1) The Voice, (2) Benji Mahmoud, and (3) Fareed and Seth. There are five optional questions below that you are encouraged to discuss on the Lestat Book Coven Page. Don’t put Spoiler Warnings on them, as everyone should, at this point, again not need additional reminder of a clear point. It becomes tedious to have to space everything appropriately just to protect or spare everyone that inadvertently sees one. It’s a little silly at this point, nearly two weeks after the release for them to remain.

   (1).How is the beginning section (preceding the narrative), Blood Genesis, written as a vampire subversion of the Jewish scripture creation story, from Genesis? Does the title of this section insinuate or suggest anything about Anne Rice’s artistic purpose, in writing this series, to somehow provide a more extensive chapter of the new paradigm shift going on for vampires, which occurred after Lestat exploded onto the musical scene in the eighties, and reawakened the older vampires? What is your understanding of the word “Genesis?”

(2).What are your first impressions of the first section, the voice? Is there an intended ambiguity behind the choice of Anne Rice’s title for this series, which somehow hints at the deeper purpose of this new installment of the Vampire Chronicles? Why do you think Anne Rice chose this point, as a way to bridge the large logical gaps in trying to piece together the more incoherent chunks in the mythos of her series? And in psychological terms, what is the metaphorical meaning behind a doppelganger,and is this a form of foreshadowing, to suggest a potential psychological marriage to occur later in the series?

(3). In Virgil’s The Aeneid (something I’ll be bringing in more throughout our discussions of Prince Lestat) dreams, visions, voices heard are ways of more transcendent, more powerful, but altogether puzzling/enigmatic forces to disturb the main hero of the story, inciting or subtly leading the hero to carry out some kind of sacred duty that they’re destined for? There is a lot of subtle discussion about fate/ free-will in the Vampire Chronicles, and fate/ destiny seem to be fused with paradigm shifts in Prince Lestat,where the story almost implies, at this point, that Lestat is destined somehow to carry the legacy of vampire-kind into the new age, much like the main character in The Aeneid is fate to help forge ahead, and bring Rome into existence. Just ponder these things, and then respond to how you feel about this thus far, from the first 32 or so pages of Prince Lestat.

  (4). Science  emerges as something that plays a stronger role in the Vampire Chronicles. Fareed and Seth
are the representative scientists (“mad” geniuses) in this story, who the older, less scientifically-inclined vampires react with the same skepticism that 19th century readers of Frankenstein must have reacted to the machinations of the gothic tragic character of Victor Frankenstein.  In The Wolf Gift, there was some classic villainy attached to the scientist character, and there was also some strange mystique behind the science in the Mayfair Witch Trilogy. Yet, the science in Prince Lestat, as seen through Fareed and Seth, in this early section, seems more complex, in terms of the ethicality of their motives behind what they’re trying to do with advancing the scientific knowledge of vampires.  In this section, do you think they have more ulterior motives than they’re letting on? What do you think Anne Rice intends to do with bringing science into her story, at this point? How does she subvert/emulate the trope of “mad scientists,” as utilized in other Gothic Horror/ Fiction novels?

(4) Many have said that the internet was something that proved the beginning steps towards humanity’s first fulfillment of striving to reach towards the omega point, a term coined by Jesuit priest/scientist Teilhard De Chardin, speaking about the evolutionary trajectory of human progression towards God. In more secular terms, we can just speak of paradigm shifts, advancement in technology, and an emergent globalized sense of identity. Anne Rice reflects this emergence of a new kind of psychology self-identity of vampires, in a world where the internet can create some form of simulated collective consciousness, through the power of Benji’s web-based radio show.  For us, how do you think the internet, social media has revolutionized our own social, political, cultural identities? For the vampires, how do you think internet is changing their psychological outlook, and helping them to grow beyond the more disparaging ideas of themselves, as monsters?
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