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Rocki’s Y&R Written Recap Monday 14 April 2014

Stitch wakes up on Victoria's sofa calling out for Max.  He thought he was home with his ex-wife.  He reminds Vikki that her home is soon to be Australia.  Stitch is surprised he was able to sleep for 13 hours.  He can't believe he was out for that long.   Victoria says she assumed he needed the rest after pulling a double shift at the hospital.

Victor is on the phone complaining that he's paying someone a lot of money to make sure that the look-alike Cassie leaves town.  You cannot risk her being discovered.  Victor demands that it be done immediately.

Sharon and Nicholas walk into  Chancellor Park as the look-alike Cassie sits on a park bench not far away from them.  She can hear their conversation. Nick and Sharon sit on the bench.  Sharon feels that there relationship is doing good and that she has Cassie's ghost to thank for the decision.

Neal tells Hillary that it's knowing what makes the other person happy.  What makes your eyes light up.  You don't rush them you do it ever, ever so slowly, carefully and he leans in and kisses her.  Hillary kisses him back.  A noise in the hall distracts them.  It is Chloe and Chelsea, fighting, Chelsea and Chloe are pulled apart by Jack holding Chelsea and Kevin holding Chloe to break them up.  Neal comes in asking what is going on.  Abby comes in and goes FIGHT, and Rick and Caroline Foster enter.  Neal introduces Caroline and Rick to the creative force behind Chelsea by Jabot.

Neal continues the introductions. Jack greets just Rick and Caroline. Lily introduces herself. Rick and  Caroline leave with Kelly to see the venue.  When they are gone, Jack ask what is going on.  Chloe attacks Chelsea; Chelsea attacks Chloe with words.  Lily wants to know from her dad what is going on.  Neal is more focused on Hillary.

At her house, Victoria gives Stitch a cup of coffee and they chitchat about him sleeping on the couch.  Stitch says it's the best sleep nights sleep he's had in ages.  Victoria does not believe him and begins to rub his shoulders.  Stitch says you don't have to do that.  She says it's the least she could do to make up for the lousy accommodations.  He's the one who fell asleep on the couch.  It was better than watching Jack and Kelly at dinner.  Stitch says maybe, they can try dinner again sometime/   Victoria says, I would like that if we can have another non-date.  Stitch says he was hoping for real date.

In Chancellor Park, Nick is reminding Sharon that she didn't really see Cassie it was a figment of her imagination.  She understands that.  Sharon just thinks that her imagining seeing her ghost was a blessing in disguise.  If she hadn't seen Cassie she would never have gone to the hospital and got the treatment.  Sharon says she has not felt worthy of being loved in a long time or giving love in return.  The Cassie look-alike tries to leave the park without being seen and runs into Noah who's jogging.  He knocks her to the ground and then offers to help her up.

Guess the look-alike says she's sorry, she gets up, and the way without knowledge seen her face.  He sees his mom and dad kissing on the part that Noah says he was in the midst date a windmill something he didn't want to bother them.  So you guys and pass the baby steps will slightly busted and 90 has some reservations about us the timing Noah says but seeing you guys laughing gas know what you doing.  Seriously known I appreciate your support.  I don't think getting a lot of it from the less than Newman family.

At her home, Victoria tells Ben that she has not been on a date long time.  Neither have I,  Stitch says.  He takes out his cell phone calls Victoria on her cell phone.  She gets up grabs the phone he then says, I'm Ben Rayburn I work at Memorial Hospital maybe you remember me.  Oh yeah, the guy with the bad case of narcolepsy, Vikki responds.  Ben continues, but if I promise not to fall off.  I was wondering if you would want to go out.  Vikki claims, I'm awfully busy right now you know, but maybe I can make an exception for you.  There is today, Ben agrees.  They hang up the phones.   Victoria questions whether or not he was a smooth operator when he was a bachelor or when he was a teenager?  The things you say are supposed to boost my ego by saying yes.  Ben says he should get back to the hospital and wonders if he can washup first?  Victoria sends Ben off to the bathroom as someone knocks at the door.  It's Victor.  Johnny is still at the ranch, your Mother was not ready for him to leave.  Victor found a gift by the doorstep to Johnny.  Victor wonders if it is from Billy Abbott?  It wouldn't surprise Victor that Bill would leave something like that at the doorstep. I really don't want to get it.  Ben comes into the room.  Thanks Victoria for everything Ben says as he's enters and says he will call her about the date.  Well I'll be damned, Victor says doctors still making house calls.  I haven't seen that for a long time.

In the GCAC dining room, Jack approaches Hillary, who appears shaken.  Hilary claims she is a little nervous about modeling, but she's really distracted by the kiss from Neal.  Lilly learns that Lauren had to leave for some reason.  This will through the entire flow of the show off.  Abby says she'll model in Lauren's place.  Jack brings Chelsea some water, Chelsea says she's sorry, she had to sign for her husband's body today.  Chelsea is upset that she is not perfect, Jack suggested she go home, but she said no she can do better/  Her designs are her babies and are more important to her.  She glares over at Chloe.  Kevin tries to calm Chole down.  They met.  He suggest that he she find peace with Chelsea. Chloe doesn't think it's going to work.  She thinks that their friendship is too far gone. Kevin says he think it is if Chloe lets it be.  And if Chelsea doesn’t make the first move.  Maybe Chloe has to.

Upstairs, Chelsea finds Rick and Caroline in the dressing room with the models.  Rick talks to Chelsea about time about Chelsea's career; Rick and Caroline are offering Chelsea a job.  That's very flattering but Neal and Jack got her started she would not walk out on them.  Rick offers to let her keep her position at Jabot and designing on a different label for them.  Rck suggest that Chelsea run the proposal by her partner first but Chelsea says Chloe does not have to know.  However, Chloe is standing on the other side of the dressing table listening to them.

In the GCAC Ballroom area, Hillary is in the dressing room Neal approaches Neal thought she might want to know what the commotion was about.  Hillary figured it out, but she thought he was talking about the kiss.  Neal was talking about the fight.  Hillary says we don't have to talk about it.

At the GCAC dressing rooms, My partnership with Chloe only runs to the Jabot products Chelsea tries to explain in response to Rick’s proposal.  Rick wants to have Chelsea come out to Los Angeles to Forrester to discuss the terms.   Chelsea agrees.  Chloe who has been listening, is upset and walks out.

Downstairs at the GCAC,  Lily talks to Abby about her dress.  She wonders where Tyler is.  Abby reports that Tyler is picking up the photographer at the airport.  They go upstairs to check out the dress.

Downstairs at the GCAC, Kelly and Summer review all the last minute projects and conclude that they are ready to start on time.  Jack appreciates that there running on time.  Summer relates that the kitchen will begin to serve horsderves immediately after the show concludes.  Jack discusses the bad service that he and Kelly got at their dinner date at the Club last night.  Summer shows concern that Jack and Kelly are dating. Summer is upset.

In Chancellor Park, Sharon holds her very own pity party for one.  I am everyone's favorite person to hate by the Newman family.  Not everyone, Noah says. Sharon counters, you and Faith don't count.  What about Mom, NIck ask?  She said she appreciated that you stuck it out at the hospital, Nick states.  Sharon is not sure how sincere Nikki was since she said it to NIck not her. Sharon feels like she has Victoria to deal with and Abby.  Nick points out that Abby is engaged to Tyler and too busy with her relationship to bother Sharon.  What about Victor, Sharon ask, he despises me, he wants to see me punished.  Nick wonders then why did he say he wanted you to make a full recovery.  He said that to you not to me/   We are together so Dad will just have to deal with that.

Victor states that it was fun working out with Stitch in gym the other day.  He wants to do it again sometime.  Stitch agrees, says his goodbyes and leaves.  So, Victor addresses Vikki, what was he doing here?  Wrong question Dad.  You want to know if Billy and I are still separated.  We are.  Victor declares,  I came here to find out how you are coping.  Honestly Dad, Vikki responds,  I am missing him so much so that I can hardly take it.  But, she goes on,  I'm finding ways to move on.  Yeah.   How are you Dad?  How you doing with Adam's death, Vikki changes the subject. Victor confesses that he does not want to talk about Adam.   It is to painful. Victor goes on to say,  I came to discuss another family matter.

Vikki demands to know what's going on?   Is it Mom?   No, thank heaven.   Someone knocks at the door.  Vikki answers.  It's Nick who has a birthday gift for Johnny.  Victor is glad Nick is there as he won't have to repeat the conversation.  Your younger sister, Victor begins,  Abby is engaged to be married to some young man.   His name Is Tyler, Dad.   What, are you not happy about that, Nick ask Victor?.  No, I really am not.  I think they're too young, but you're all adults now, free to make any mistakes you want/  How can you be so sure they are making a mistake.  I have a pretty good idea what marriage is working and which ones won’t.  But let’s all get together and celebrate as a family.  I'll be there for Abby, Vikki states.   Me to, Nick adds, and I will bring Sharon as my date.

At Chancellor Park the Cassie look-a-like is dealing with a nasty cut, when Dr. Rayburn walking through the park observes her and wants to know, what happened?  I was running away from a nosy stranger, she explains, and I fell.   When was your last tetanus shot, Dr. Rayburn ask?   What's a tetanus shot, the Cassie look-a-like ask?  I'm heading over to the Hospital and I can fix you up.  That cut needs attention.  NO!  You have something against hospitals, Dr. Rayburn ask?  Yeah, they ask for your Health Insurance and I don’t have any.  Dr. Rayburn announces, you are in need of medical attention they can't turn you away.  I'm Dr. Ben Rayburn and you are

Hilary is in the GCAC Executive Offices when Neal arrives.  Hilary explains that it is not worth discussing.  It was just one kiss and it is already forgotten.  Not by me, Neal assures her.  Neal goes on to say he has not been able to stop thinking about it.  He declares that he is not usually an impulsive person.  Not even in the presence of a beautiful woman.  Hilary questions, is that how you see me?  I see that and a lot more, Neal declares, than that.  I see a lady who is smart, decisive, committed.   Hilary retorts, some people might think I am too committed.  Neal wishes he had met Hilary at another time, under different circumstances, he states as he closes the distance between them.  Just about to kiss again, they are interrupted by Lily yelling for Hilary approaching the office.  What the hell are you doing, Lily demands of Hilary.  

In the dressing area, Chloe approaches Chelsea.  Opal wants a word.  She's the Stage Manager, Opal goes on to say, I heard all about the little shenanigans you two had downstairs before.  This here is a Controlled Environment and It's Controlled by Me.  I don't care who the two of you are; I'm Running the Show!  If you want to pull each other's hair, you have to do that someplace else.  There Will Be No Shenanigans on My Backstage.  Have I Made Myself Clear? Well?  Chloe and Chelsea both say yes.  Thank You.  Right.  It's a go people, Opal says into her microphone and loud enough for everyone to hear.  Chloe and Chelsea laugh at Opel. Chloe apologizes going on to explain that  Kevin made me take a really hard look at myself and I'm acting like a crazy woman.   I'm going to work on getting better. Chloe wants them to try to be friends again.  Chelsea thinks they should just Now concentrate on the show.  Kevin approaches Chloe saying, that took a lot of guts.  It didn't work, Chloe concludes.  She'll come around, Kevin states, and eventually she will calm down.  No Shenanigans, Chloe repeats;  but Chloe Is up to something.

In the GCAC ballroom dressing area, Abby attempts to reach Tyler by cell, she leaves a message hoping that everything went okay with his pick up at the airport.  But, Abby really wants him to get there because she has a surprise for him.

Downstairs at the GCAC dining room, Summer wants an explanation about why Jack took Kelly to dinner.  Kelly is called to handle a situation on the floor.  Jack is excited about all the people that have shown up for the fashion show, he feels everyone who is anyone is there.  Summer shows reluctance.  Jack wonders what has her upset.  Summer says Mom is the only person who is missing.  You are right, Jack agrees, I wish she were here too.

Sharon and Noah arrive at Sharon's house.  She's glad they had this time alone just the two of them. Noah is wondering what he did wrong.  Sharon says,  your father told me how caring you were when I was in the hospital.  It was amazing, she ask what Noah heard her say when he observed her imagining she was talking to Cassie. At first, Noah does not want to discuss it.  But Sharon assures him that Dr. Mead wants her to find a way to fill in the blanks in her memory.  Eventually, Noah relents and says he heard her say that Dad would never forgive you.  Forgive me for what, Sharon ask?   I didn't know.  Noah thinks it was about her meds Sharon doesn't know what she was talking about that time she has so many regrets.

At the GCMH, the Cassie look-a-like had completed  the patient forms as a Jane Doe.  There are just some people I am trying to avoid, she offers Dr. Rayburn as an explanation.  Dr. Rayburn points out that if she is in some kind of trouble, there are places where she can get some help.  I'm not in some kind trouble.  I'm responsible for destroying some...why am  I telling you this?  My guess is, Dr. Rayburn states, you don't have anyone else to say it to.  It's not like a doctor could relate to somebody who does something destructive.

At Vikki's house, she demands of Nick, you and Sharon are back together?  Victor attempts to delicately exclude Sharon from the celebration, states, I'd very much like to keep it within our family.  Sharon is family, Nick responds and goes on to say, she's my family; she's Noah and Faith's family.  If Sharon's not welcome, you have to count me out, Nick concludes.  Victor turns away from them towards the door and says, all right.  I'll get back to you with the details, later.  Nice to see you sweetheart.  Victor leaves.  What was that, Vikki ask?  Nick shrugs.

I'm just glad Dad didn't do a number on me, Nick admits.  Well, maybe I should, Vikki states,  but considering the number of times that I've taken my ex back.  She opens the present that Billy left for Johnny.  It's a cell phone with a note that says --  I'm just call away, anytime.  Nick says you can make that call too.  Vikki wants to know why should she?  Her brother reminds her,  because you love him.  Vikki states decisively,  I'm not going down that road anymore.  Yeah, I know that story too, and look at where I am, Nick concludes.

At her home, hugging her son, Sharon is very happy.  She feels like it's old times between her and Noah again. Sharon tells Noah that if he has questions about her relationship with NIck, he should talk to her about it.  

At the GCMH, Stitch says that he is going to get a tetanus shot for the Cassie look-alike;  going out to the hallway, Dr. Rayburn is approached by Victor.   Victor reminds Ben that Victoria is at a very vulnerable stage right now.  He doesn't want Ben to take advantage of his daughter.  The Cassie look-alike is listening at the door.  Ben tells Victor that he is completely aware of Victoria’s situation and he would never take advantage of her. Victor wants Dr. Rayburn's word that he will not take advantage of his daughter.  Dr. Rayburn tells Victor he has his word.  Victor reminds Dr. Rayburn what someone's word means to him and departs.

Lily is upset that Hillary is in the Executive Offices with her father, alone.  Neal contends Hillary was delayed by him; he wishes her a good show and departs. Lily demands that Hilary get on the stage.  Hilary says she's having a little stage fright.  Lily exclaims, this is exactly what she needs; Hilary will screw up the entire show if she does not get out there and do her job.  Hilary thanks Lily for her encouragement, sarcastically.  

Backstage, the Forrester portion of the show seems to be over.  Neal congratulates Caroline and Rick.  Opel says, we have 10 minutes before the Chelsea Line.  Kelly approaches Summer stating that the photographer from the Chronicle needs a new press pass; would Summer please take care of it. Summer will gladly take care of the press pass.  But she is concerned that Kelly has his eyes set on Jack.  Opel ask for unnecessary people to leave her domain, looking directly at Jack.  Kelly offers to take Jack to his seat.  Summer observes Kelly walking Jack to his seat; she's not happy, Opel kicks Kevin out as well. Kevin tells Chloe that he'll be out there cheering on her on.  Chelsea discovers that the finale dress is still on the rack.  She wonders why Esmeralda does not have it.  She will find her and make sure the dress fits.  Chloe claims that Chelsea is needed for the finale check. Chloe convinces Chelsea that she'll take care of getting Esmeralda into the finale dress.  Chelsea takes off. Instead of taking the dress to the model,  Chloe takes scissors to the dress cutting into it and then rips the dress in a manic attack of glee.
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Rocki’s Y&R Written Recap Friday 04 April 2014

At Jabot Cosmetics, Billy arrives in Jack's office dressed in a business suit he just purchased at Fenmore's.  You went all out, Jack says please tell me you are not being audited.  I'm just kidding.  Billy explains, I came by to bring you this my.  What is this?  My resume, I hear you are hiring.  

Abby and Victoria arrive at Victoria's house.  Actually, Abby says, there's something I wanted to talk to you about first.  I know it's probably not the best time with you and Billy separating, but I know that if you heard the news from a stranger you would be upset.  What is it, what is going on? Tyler and I are engaged.  Abby that is fantastic, Victoria exclaims.  It is, Abby ask?  If he loves you and wants to be with you for the rest your life, it is.  Vikki goes on to say, I'm so very happy for you; I'm sorry you felt you couldn't tell me.  Life goes on, and we are family.  We want to be there to support you.  And, Abby adds, friends who were willing to lend a helping hand like Dr. Rayburn.

In Chancellor Park, Dylan and Dr. Rayburn are returning from playing basketball.  Dylan ask Stitch would like to join him at the coffeehouse?  Stitch says no, he's going to go for a run.  After that workout, Dylan says, we just had?  Are you just avoiding me because you don't want to talk about what's going on between you and Victoria?  To be honest, Stitch responds, yes.  Dylan explains, she is my sister and I don't want to see her get her hurt in any way.  For that matter, I don't want to see Billy hurt again, either.  Stitch declares, I can't tell you what you want to hear, so stop asking.  You did sleep with her, Dylan concludes.

At the GCPD, Kevin delivers Paul a report he's been looking for.  Paul wants to talk about Kevin's marriage to Chloe and how it's going.  We are not the most romantic newlyweds, Kevin says.  Well, maybe that can change, Paul suggests.  I hope so.  Maybe when Chloe realizes what you have done for her, she will step up.  Victor appears in the doorway and says, I cannot understand how a judge could arrive at such an arrangement.  Why am I not surprised, Paul observes?  Hello Paul, Kevin, Victor says.  I sympathize with a woman drawn to madness by grief, but it does not change the fact that kidnapping is a serious crime and you better keep your wife away from my grandson.  Kevin responds, you don't have to worry Chelsea will see to that.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea is sketching, when Chloe arrives.  Chloe wants to see what Chelsea is sketching.  Nothing I was just doodling.  Looks like a pretty complete doodle if you ask me not, that you did.  Chloe goes on to say, I remember the good old days you used to tell me I was your toughest critic, your closest collaborator.  Okay, then I was just playing around, Chelsea says.  Once I finish the design,  I will pass it to you.  Will, you stop lying to me, Chloe says.  I know exactly what that is and I know exactly what you have been up to.

Back at the GCPD, Victor says, If you are talking about the restraining order that Chelsea obtained, I doubt seriously that will keep Chloe away from my grandson.  Chloe will never do anything like that again.  She knew what she did was wrong in Paris and she knows it now.  You are her husband now, Victor says, make sure you see to it that she stays away from my grandson.  Paul suggests Kevin go back to work.  Once Kevin departs, Paul ask about Victor's trip to DC regarding Bonaventure.  Victor doesn't want to talk about it.  Paul has something else he wants to talk about something much closer to home.  Which is?  Paul responds, Adam.

Back at Crimson lights, Chelsea ask, Chloe, who told you?  Who told me. Chloe ask, do you think you could present designs for our fashion house that you haven't discussed with me?  I was going to tell you about that.  Oh, really, Chloe says skeptically.  I had inspiration at the last minute, Chelsea explains, and I didn't present to you because I didn't have time.  You didn't present it to me because you are afraid of me.  Chelsea claims, that's not true.  I heard you say it yourself, Chloe says, you don't care what happens to me.  Chloe goes on to say, you don't care that the reason I am the way I am is because your husband killed my daughter.

At Jabot, Jack ask Billy, what about your own restaurant?  Greeting people all day and night with a smile plastered on my face is, I just can't do it anymore, Jack.  Not sense… I get it.  Jack says.  You know, Dee Dee loved the tiramisu as a desert.  I used to tease her about having adult taste.  She would tell me what she wanted to have on the menu when she grew up.  You know my daughter wanted us to work side to side.  I used to imagine her turning down jobs, as a doctor, or lawyer, or even as an actress, just so she could stay working at the Boulevard where we belonged, Billy concludes his reminiscing about DeeDee.  Besides, I won the restaurant playing poker, not kind of thing you want to have hanging over your head.  Billy goes on to say, So I put the word out and I think I might have a genuine buyer.  Whatever you want to do that will make your life great, but I'm not sure working at Jabot is the right thing for you right now, Billy, Jack says.  I was inspired by something my mom said and it actually made sense.  She told me to commit to changing to become a strong, stand up guy that Victoria wants me to be.  It might be my only shot at getting her back.

Back at Vikki's house, Abby ask what Victoria thinks about Dr. Rayburn.  Victoria thinks he's okay.  Abby offers, you should ask my mom; there was some pretty intense flirting going on between them when my mom was in town.  Looking very concerned, Vikki ask, did anything come of it?  No, Abby responds, but I think if my mom had more time with him, it would be great.  Abby asks Victoria, are you feeling okay, you've been quiet and you look a little pale.  Don't tell me, Abby goes on, did you go out drinking again last night?  What are you talking about Abby?  Tyler and I saw you leaving the underground the other night, with Stitch.

In Chancellor Park, Dylan tells Stitch, I have to admit that I'm surprised.  I told Billy, he had nothing to worry about.  Stitch admits, I would've told him the same thing, a couple weeks ago.  Seeing as has your marriage was in trouble.  I couldn't see you getting in the way of someone else's.  Believe me, the last thing I wanted to do was to complicate Victoria's life.  And yet you did.  It just sort of happened.  I remember saying the same thing about me and Avery.  I wasn't happy with how it started.  It was not planned, stitch offers, I just heard about Jenna and I was in a bar drinking.  Victoria showed up and tells me about her separation papers.  We both had a few, a lot of drinks and I just wanted to make sure she got home safely.  Okay.  Stitch continues, I never meant for it to go any further.  Dylan says nothing.  Stitch continues, I know what you're thinking and I thought the same thing over and over again since that night.  That I took advantage of Victoria.  Did you, Dylan asks?  Honestly, I don't think so.  She and I both know what we were doing.

Vikki says to Abby, So you and Tyler were at the underground; why didn't you come over?  If you had been sitting across the table from us, you would have noticed that you were with Stitch?  It's not like you, Abby declares, what's going on with you?  It's not like you hanging out at the bar?  Next time you want to go out and get wasted, call someone, don't do it alone, Abby offers.  I'm just happy you ran into Stitch.  OMG, Vikki says suddenly, look at the time; I have an appointment that I have to get to and you have to get to work.  Vikki ushers Abby to the door.

I'm proud of you little brother, Jack tells Billy, putting Victoria first.  I'll do whatever it takes.  I'm glad you are putting Victoria first and I hope that you two can work things out.  So when do I start?  I haven't said yes, yet.  First.  I think you would agree that your last few stints with the family business did not exactly work out.  Billy points out his improvement since being sent to Hong Kong, including that he is no longer gambling.  But if your heart is not in this, Jack states.  Instead of sugarcoating it, Jack ask Billy directly, Do you really want this, because if you don't and things don't work out here, you're going to blame Victoria.  And you will to be right back where you started, Jack finishes.

At the GCPD Paul says to Victor, I recently had a conversation with Billy Abbott and he confirmed what we already suspected, that you are launching your own investigation into Adam's death.  If you have a son who was presumed dead, Victor says, no body had been found, wouldn't you launch your own investigation?  Of course I would, Paul says.  If you do, what I don't understand is why doesn't Billy Abbott?  He is a father and yet he questions my motives.  Victor you have every right to hire your own investigator as long as you are understand that it is incumbent that you must share your information, Paul states.  Of course, Victor agrees.  That's funny, Paul states, because I don't remember you sharing any information that Adam was complicit when you found out that he killed Delia.  But Paul, Victor says, you have no proof that I was aware of Adam's actions.  But if I did, Paul states, you realize you would be subject to all kinds of charges that we could come up with.  Is that a threat?  No, of course it isn't.  It's a friendly warning.  Paul continues, in the absence of a body, or any remains, Adam's case is still open so technically he is a wanted man.  So you and Chelsea would be well advised to cooperate with us.  And you, old boy, you would be well advised to try to find my son, okay.  Having said that Victor rises, shakes hands with Paul, wishes him a good day and departs.  Paul says down smiling, shaking his head.

Back at Crimson lights, Chelsea says to Chloe, we agreed not to talk about that.  We agreed, Chloe shouts?  Calm down.  Excuse me?  Chloe goes on a little bit pissed off and a little bit out of control, I must be acting psycho because that's the way you said I sounded when you were talking to Lily.  I didn't mean it like that, Chelsea says.  How did you mean it...  What?  Were you overreacting when you decided not to show me your sketches and please don't tell me you were too busy to show me? I was busy, Chelsea offers, but you are right.  I'm pulling back.  Why?  Chloe asked and goes on to say, because you don't trust me with your designs the same way you don't trust me with your son.  You have to admit Chloe, things have been difficult for both of us; I was trying to spare us.  That's not why you are doing that, Chloe confides.  Chelsea ask, are you doubting my sincerity?  Listen to you, Chloe says.  You don't even sound like yourself, you don't talk like that, you sound like…Victor thats who you sound like.  Wait a minute this is Victor, Chloe concludes.  Chelsea starts packing her stuff.  Chloe continues, he put you up to this, was it his idea to get the restraining order?  He wants me out.  That was his idea wasn't, Chloe demands?

At Chancellor Newman industries, Victor paces his office.  He remembers what Chelsea said about not being convinced that Adam is dead and he flashes back to that conversation.  Victor's phone rings.  He answers and wants to know what he has for him.  His investigators says he found the information he wanted about Adam.

Was it a one-time thing, Dylan ask Stitch?  It depends on Victoria, Stitch responds, if she knows what's good for her, she'll stay away.  She deserves better, he.  Obviously, Dylan says, but Stitch why would you say that?  Is that some reference to what you did, why Jenna left you?  Stitch doesn't immediately respond.  So Dylan asks, are you to tell me?  Haven't you got enough information for me today?  Why won't you tell me?  Dylan tells stitch he has to get back to work.  Stitch says he will Catch Dylan after his run.  Dylan departs Chancellor Park to go to Crimson lights.  Stitch starts stretching Victoria enters the Park on her own run.  They see each other.

Billy advises Jack, You can save the speech Jack because I really do want this.  Jack ask, above and beyond Victoria?  You know, after losing DeeDee, nothing felt right and I kept thinking to myself, what am I doing here.  What is this all about?  Billy goes on, and the only thing I could come up with was making the most out of the time that you spend with your loved ones.  Taking my wife to dinner and catching up with your buddies.  Those are the situations that mean the most and I think of anything that would mean more than working with my brother on the business that was founded by our own father, Billy concludes.  In  that case, Jack says, welcome back, you are hired.  Jack and Billy hug.  Jack returns to his desk and says, actually, there is an opening in R&D that has gone unfilled since August.  That Phyllis'  job, Billy observes.  He goes on to say, I have no objections to finding another job when Phyllis returns.  I think this is going to work out for all of us.  Abby arrives, she comments on Billy's attire and learns that Billy is coming back to work it to at Jabot.  Abby is really excited for Billy.  Abby tells Billy that she saw Victoria today when they saw the Reed off to DC.  She goes on to say, and that she had seen Victoria the night before at the underground and Vikki left the club with Stitch.  Billy is upset, he told that guy to stay the hell away from his wife.

OMG, is Stitch coming onto Victoria, Abby ask, Billy?  Why did she say something about him, Billy wants to know?  She acted like she didn't want me to be talking about him, Abby responds.  And I'm sure that's all it was, Jack ask.  Hey, Billy,, are you okay?  Yes, I'm fine, Billy says I need to go start prepping for my first day at Jabot.  I will see you first thing in the morning.  Jack escorts Billy to the door and says, I'm looking forward to it.  Billy leaves.  Jack tells Abby, do us all a favor and the next time you want to talk to Billy about Victoria and another man, don't.

In Chancellor Park Victoria says, I didn't expect to run into you here .  Stitch says, sure you didn't.  But we've run into each other here at the park before and you know, this is my running route.  So you're accusing me of stalking you, Victoria ask?  You said that not me, but there's no one else I would rather have stalking me.  Was that Dylan I saw walking away before?  Yeah, we just got finished playing hoops, dominating some 12-year-olds.  Good displaying your sports powers Vikki responds, how is, Dylan?  He figured it out, he knows about us, stitch informs Vikki.

At Crimson lights, Dylan walks in to see and hear Chloe and Chelsea arguing.  Chloe says it was Victor, who told you to back away from me.  Victor wants me to suffer for taking Connor to Paris, so you will turn on me.  Chelsea claims, I have not turned on you Chloe.  What do you call this, Chloe.  I wouldn't be surprised if he has his lawyers dissolving our partnership.  What's next to my can be framed for crime I didn't commit?  Chelsea says that Chloe is acting paranoid.  And now I'm paranoid, Chloe responds.  Dylan ask if everything is okay here?  Chelsea says everything is fine.  Everything's not fine, Chloe states,  Chelsea has glommed onto Victor.  Kevin arrives and stands next to Chloe.  Stop Chloe, Chelsea says.  Victor is not to blame here.  If anyone is to blame it is you Chloe.

Kevin says, Chloe doesn't need you coming down on her because she's been through enough.  We, Chelsea starts.  But Kevin interrupts, Sharon says, There's no, we here she lost her child.  It doesn't mean that we have to I have to sit back and take this; all of this makes no sense because the truth of the matter is you stole my son.  Chelsea goes on to say, these feelings, they get in the way.  I'm sorry for squashing your creativity, Chloe claims.  Dylan leaves.  I need that creativity right now, Chelsea says, I need to be productive.  It gives me hope, she concludes.  What about me, Chloe pleads, when am I supposed to feel hope again or do you not care?  At that point, Kevin takes Chloe to the patio.  Chelsea apologizes to Dylan for the mess.  It's not easy when you're having trouble with your best friend, Dylan offers.  No, it's not easy, Chelsea acknowledges.  Chelsea's phone rings.  She goes back to the table to get a phone.  It's Victor, who says, I just received word from my investigator about that phone call you received that we traced to New Orleans.  Chelsea ask was it Adam?  You should come to my office at once to hear this.  Chelsea looks at the patio and then get this her stuff and leaves.

Back at jabot, Abby demands to know, Why you coming down on me?  I told Billy that Victoria got drunk and a friend took her home; Billy has every right to know what Victoria's up to.  Jack says, being in the dark has its advantages.  If something happened to me and Tyler, Abby declares, I would want to know.  What if there was nothing to it, and someone was firing you up with over the top stories that you wonder whether was fact or fiction... That would not do damage?  Jack's phone rings.  He goes to answer it.  It's Kelly.  We hear Jack's side of the conversation as he says, still on for dinner?  Tomorrow night would be just fine?  The same time?  I'm looking forward to it.  I'll see you then and he hangs up.  Seriously, Abby says, you're taking that home wrecking hoochie mama out to dinner?

Vikki and Stitch are still in Chancellor Park.  According to Dylan how did it turn out, Vikki ask.  Dylan is not like that, he did tell me to take a step back.  Well, obviously fate didn't agree or we would not have run into each other, Vikki observes.  Fate, Stitch ask?  Or maybe I was just craving one of those pretzels.  Whatever it was, stitch says, you won't have to worry about Dylan opening his mouth about us.  So when could end up on the pages of GC Buzz?  Not a chance.  Good because my separation is not legal, and I would not want Billy to find out like I did about him and Kelly.  Billy arrives in the Park.  Billy says, you know something kept telling me take the long way through the park on the way home, now I know why.  What are you doing in that suit, Vikki ask.  Nevermind about the suit, Billy states, you and I need to talk.  Billy turns to Stitch saying, and you need to leave.  Have a good run, Vikki says to Stitch.  Thanks, he mumbles and responds and Stitch leaves.  So I heard, Reed took off.  Yeah, Vikki acknowledges he did have fun hanging out with you and his grandparents.  That was some sleep over the he and Johnny had over there and he went on and on about it, Vikki concludes.  Gave you some time to be by yourself.  It must of been nice.  Vikki just stands there.  Billy ask, So what did you do?  I would really love to hear all about your night at the underground.

Stitch arrives at Crimson lights.  Chelsea had left her sketchbook behind.  Are you worried about her, Stitch ask.  I know she's going through a rough time.  Dylan offers.  When I got here, she was going at it with Chloe and it was pretty heated.  Then she got a phone call that looked pretty serious and then, she hurried out of here.  Maybe I should take this to her.  Maybe you should take a step back, Dylan offers.

Kevin thinks that Chelsea will calm down and things will be okay, but Chloe does not.  She thinks that Chelsea is pushing her out of her life and her business.

Chelsea arrives at Newman Chancellor.  Victor says, have a seat.  This is very difficult for me to say.  No, it's not true; Adam is alive, I know that.  I was just informed that a body was found two counties down from where Billy and Adam had the accident.  The reason the GCPD didn't know about it was because it was registered as human remains not as a John Doe.  Well, that can't possibly be… It is.  Why would you just assumed it was Adam if it hasn't been identified.  The dental records match, Victor says, with great emotion, it was Adam.

In some unknown of room and some unknown location, we hear the following one-sided conversation --  I did what you asked.  I paid off the right people.  Just be careful, it won't sit well with Victor if he finds out what you paid me to do.  And unseen person hands the unknown speaker an envelope full of catch.

Back in Victor's office, Chelsea says, I don't understand I was so sure.  We both were okay, now we know.  Your husband, Victor states, my son Adam is gone he's gone.  Chelsea breaks down Victor takes her in his arm and holds her as she weeps as he says I'm so sorry.

Back in Jack's office, he announces, I'm calling a moratorium on that obnoxious pejorative.  What obnoxious pejorative would that be, Abby ask?  Are you referring to the Hoochie mama?  Abby, Jack says; that reminds me why I'm taking Kelly out to dinner.  Atrocious way the entire family has treated her.  You keep feeling that.  It's the truth.  You keep accusing me of stirring up trouble, if I wanted to do that, I would tell everyone that you were dating the woman who broke up Victoria and Billy.

Back at Chancellor Park, Victoria states, You obviously talked to Abby what did she say?  Just that you ended up having too much to drink and leaving with Stitch, Billy responds, what did you do next?  Next?  The night was young, Billy states.  Vikki please, you can talk to me.  I promised you space, that's what you wanted right.  Right.  So what did you do in that space.  Did you climb a mountain?  Hell did you look up at the stars together or maybe you want running.  Did you sleep with him?
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