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An over the hill geek!

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Why browser tool-bars are a bad idea
The majority of computers that my customer bring to me to speed up usually have a two or more browser tool-bars installed.  Their internet browsing is slow, network connections are unstable, and they get unwanted ads pop-up, sometimes without a browser wind...

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The end of an era nears
This coming April, the 8th to be exact, is the last day that Microsoft will provide support of any kind for Windows XP.  Introduced in 2002, Windows XP has had a long and storied existence.  Longer than any other primary operating system to date.  For those...

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This is a test post.  this is only a test

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My Cub Scout Pack's Web Site.

Upgraded my phone tonight to the HTC Vivid. Very happy with the phone so far. Awesome display. Large enough that I don't really need my to use my bifocals. Waiting for an SD card before loading in my music

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i have had my ASUS Transformer Prime for two weeks now and I can say this. I am extremely happy with the device.
Battery life is simply incredible. Features are exactly what I expected them to be. The Display is as bight as I will ever need it to be.

I use the Prime for both personal and professional uses. I can typically go a full day with out the need of an additional charge.
Today I conducted an experiment. I purposely left home the charge and the dock and used the tablet as I normally would. if not more so.
After 16hr of web browsing, sending and receiving email. watching videos, flipping through reference material, and even taking a couple of short 1080p video's. I am now at 20% power and have placed the Prime into it's Keyboard dock for charging.
My only disappointment so far has been the number of apps that are not compatible with the Prime. I can tell that there are way too many developers out there trying to do cutsie stuff and making there apps too platform specific. I can understand if a developer is trying to target a specific device like the Prime. With the Quad core processor, who wouldn't be tempted. And there are Apps out there that are written specifically for those platforms. But, when you are trying to appeal to a wider audience, Simplicity is key. remember the old axiom: KISS.

So these are the random thought of a tired mind ready for bed. After 60+ hours of coding this week. I need a beer and a good nights sleep .


Does any one have any suggestions on a good contacts program that will run on ICS?

Picked up my Asus Transformer Prime Yesterday. Very,very pleased so far. Have not experiencedany Wi-Fi issues. ICS is awsome!.

I love technology!
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