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Formerly known as The Risus Monkey
Formerly known as The Risus Monkey

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So last night I ran my third session of Blades. It was the second session for one group and the first session for any of the groups to feel right on my side of the table. What I mean is that while every game was fun, this was the first time that Blades started to fulfill its promise to me. Part of it was that I was starting to get comfortable with the core mechanic. More importantly, the downtime meta-game aspects really came through and helped replicate that feeling of a group of scoundrels who are barely keeping it together. Vices were indulged. Blue coats had to be bought off. And the mad scramble for turf and influence was on. Loved it.

One of the most promising things about the game is that it helps me with really being able to put the player characters in escalating danger. I've fallen into a rut with other games of late where I haven't been able to dial up the pressure once an encounter/scene has started. Not so last night. With little help from me, the rules did most the work on that score. Presenting the outcome before giving the players the option to resist was a big part (and that was one thing that felt very weird initially).

Anyway, I'm hooked now. Can't wait for the next iteration of the game.

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Here here. Young Justice and Astro City are my touchstones as well. :)

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Hey Bill! Once agin, so glad you enjoyed yourself. And I'm still thinking Ryan Danke's approach to supers is the way to go. :)

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The Masks of Silverlode (Recap)
Silverlode , the Metropolis of the Mountain West. Incorporated on the first day of
the 20th Century as an iconic western boom town, the Silver City has always embodied
the American spirit of the age. And that spirit of heroic optimism is now manifesting
in ...

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Well, that's embarrassing. Serves me right for trying to post at 5am. :o

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DC Gameday Recap
This past weekend I once again had the pleasure of participating in the bi-annual DC Gameday . Held at the generously provided AFT Building near Union Station, DC Gameday is two full days of gaming with one of the best RPG communities that I know. Many than...

I love FAE's use of approaches instead of skills. But attempting to make FAE versions of my favorite characters made me realize that the standard list of approaches isn't always a good fit. For example, what approach would you use for a cleric character who undertakes an action by placing their faith in their deity? Not careful, clever, or flashy. And what about an otherwise slight of stature character who can use her iron will to win social contests and defend against mental attacks? Force would seem to be a good option but for her total physical incompetence.

Anybody use an alternate list of approaches for their game? Anybody experiment with free-form approaches? The Fate System Toolkit does have some advice in this area but I haven't given it thorough read yet.

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5.9 Earthquake here in VA, but couldn't post to G+ until now because the networks were jammed. So much for social networks in a crisis. Haven't got through to tge wife yet except for texts.

Gotta saf, that was exciting as all hell.

Ok, so I'm back from a week-long vacation with little or no Internet. As a compulsive blogger, I'm anxious to dive back in. With young children, though, it's hard to peel off time alone to write and I need to reestablish my routine again. I've got a crap-ton of projects on the back burner but I have no idea which ones will see the light of day first.

Of course, things would be easier if I could blog easily from the iPad. Anybod recommend a blogging app that works well with Blogger? 
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