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Bryce Newbury
I make websites, take photos, and enjoy life to the best of my abilities.
I make websites, take photos, and enjoy life to the best of my abilities.
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I am the Threes master!

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When I first saw the Steam hardware taser page for the first time last week, I started getting excited, not by the prospect of a Steam Box, but by the idea of a brand new controller created with take the same ingenuity and understanding of video games that Valve puts into all if their products.

A week later faced with the reality of my speculation, I have been pondering what exactly it was I was dreaming if, and more importantly, does the Steam Controller live up to my dreams?

In a lot of ways the Steam Controller is everything I had hoped for: it discards a lot of the preconceived notions of what a controller "should be", it has enormous flexibility to be used in many different configurations, and it claims improvements to arguably the most important aspect of a controller: its percussion. And while nothing about the Steam Controller disappoints me so far (it is hard to judge a product by one picture), I am dubious by the touch pad's lack of directional tactile feedback, a critical failure for fighting games. (Perhaps you could add a some subtle haptic feed back when you switch directions on the pad for fighting games?)

Overall, I am really excised by the Steam Controller and I can't wait to get my hands on one!

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Yet another fantastic looking Kickstarter game: Hyper Light Drifter. The art looks like Sword & Sworcery if it was set in the future, and the gameplay is reminiscent of Link To The Past only with more fighting.

It is fantastic to see these beautiful games coming out of the wordworks to appear on Kickstarter.

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Being an independent web developer, I have spent a lot of my time scouring the web looking at web hosts. The first web host I used, NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, is a fantastic option for static (and simple PHP) sites because it is way cheaper than a $10/month option; they charge for the actual bandwidth you use, not a flat fee.

When I started developing with Ruby on Rails, I was forced to start my hunt for a more powerful (and unfortunately more expensive) web host that supports Rails. Eventually I stumbled across WebFaction, and while it at first glance may seem to be just another $10/month host, they actually have a lot over the competition:

• They tell you everything up front. Many of the more popular hosts provide "unlimited" bandwidth and storage space, with "unlimited" being a variable invisible number that you have to hope you don't exceed.
• They give you direct access to a shared server. Unlike most shared "hosting" services, WebFaction is a shared "server" service, this means that instead of a FTP box, they give you free SSH access to a shared server with the power to do almost anything.
•  They take care of the setup. Being a web developer, I like the power of SSH server access, but I don't want the headaches of managing a server. This is why I love that with the click of a button, they will take care of 90% of the setup (and 100% for static sites) of a website.

I have had nothing but good experinces from both NearlyFreeSpeech.NET and WebFaction. I highly recommend them both.

What have my teachers been keeping from me? How have I not heard about my new favorite design philosophy called KISS (keep it simple, stupid) before?

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A wonderful exploration of the reality of marketing and why it is so hard to be reasonable.

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Pro tip: opening two virtual machines at the same time may cause blue screen of death (I discovered this the hard way).

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A short and educational history of typography.
Like typography? Here's a crash course you can't miss (5mins).

via +Simone Villas Boas 

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My favorite photos from this year's trip to Yosemite.
Yosemite 2013
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