By popular demand, I have decided to create my own “Wall of Shame” profiling a select few people, who enter hangouts that I happen to be in and either; 

• prey on young children,
• sweet talk the ladies in the room usually with “Hello, you very sexy. Come private” (and 90% of the time that’s all they know of the English language),
• enter a hangout and blatantly pull out their crown jewels and please themselves without any interaction at all.

Over the past two months, I have made it almost my duty to report these people to Google+ staff the way every other user should. So much so, that I’ve been entrusted by others who happen to frequently come in contact with “creepers” as they’ve been aptly named, and forwarded their details on to me.

This list below has their name, behaviour and date reported and action taken against their accounts. Note: H/O Suspended, means hangouts suspended.

NAME                         ACT                          RESULT                         DATE
Pascal Dupont         Masturbation            Profile deleted                     01 June
Ronei Morbach        Masturbation            Profile deleted                     03 June
Ramesh K Verma     Masturbation           H/O Suspended                  03 June
Nia Whitten              Nudity                     H/O Suspended                 03 June
Carlos Deixoto         Masturbation            H/O Suspended                 09 June
Nathan Mills            Pornography            H/O Suspended                  11 June
Rauaa Dauud           Masturbation           H/O Suspended                   14 June
Jamai Soufiene        Masturbation          Profile deleted                     15 June
Amer Alsbehat         Masturbation            Profile deleted                     17 June
Day Day                   Pornography            Profile deleted                     18 June
Sergio Ortiz            Masturbation             Profile deleted                     19 June
Manu mon              Masturbation             H/O Suspended                 19 June
Joe Haro                Masturbation            Profile deleted                      19 June
Mark Scmidt           Masturbation            Profile deleted                      19 June
Alisson Garcia        Masturbation             H/O Suspended                 20 June
Felix Marincic        Masturbation            Profile deleted                      20 June
Nathan Mills          Pornography             H/O Suspended                   20 June
asd kamel            Masturbation              Profile deleted                    20 June
Paul Driskell        Masturbation            Profile deleted                       21 June
Scott Martin          Masturbation            H/O Suspended                   21 June
*Diego Guy *          Masturbation            H/O Suspended                    21 June
Jez Brown           Masturbation               Profile deleted                     21 June
Brian Statman    Masturbation                 Profile deleted                    21 June
احمد عمر‬‎                 Masturbation             H/O Suspended                    23 June
Vankatesh K        Masturbation             H/O Suspended                   24 June
efim fima              Masturbation            H/O Suspended                     25 June
mohammad tuzlo  Masturbation            H/O Suspended                     25 June

If you come across people who do any of these things in a hangout, you are urged to block and report them immediately.

In addition to that you can also take a couple of unedited screenshots, make sure you get the profile link of the culprit, time and send them to and he'll be added to this growing list.

To end, I'd like to thank staffers at Google: +chee chew, +Katherine Gramann, +Diane Ratto and +Matthew Knouse. From the hangouts: +Taylor Snow, +James Worley and +Christopher Standridge for your help.
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