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Zhents Session 9: A Way Out of The Dragonspine
This week’s session begins with the characters entering
Dameron’s territory after defeating his fungal guardian the shambling mound.
The characters were able to bypass the next obstacle, a corridor of insects
with torches, making their way with ease. Beyond...

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Terror on Thorncliffe Trail
Anders Anders agreed by repeating Clemons’ assessment, “It could
take a team of orogs a week to clear all this out.” Piled before the trio of Zhentish surveyors was a huge slope of clumped snow and broken timber that thoroughly blocked the trail out of the ...

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The Currency of The Gods
Audry Lanchester Audry
Lanchester , Ironsister and matriarch of the Black Lord’s Altar, found
herself among the thralls of Zhentarim soldiers and spectators who had gathered
around a side arena away from the main obstacles of the Proving Grounds. No one

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Zhents 4 & 5: New Face of Insantiy
After the battle in Lake Village Havaok, Dylan, and Lucas
take the beast of Malar heartsblood, the body of Ravenshadow, and Trebek’s head
and return to Hawkehelm; but not before the Hunter Kascar hails the party and
after some brief bartering 1,500 gold for...

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The Magisters and the Tenloss Trade Agreement
Aurora Tenloss The Great Hall of Castle Greyskull normally catered to the
five Magisters, their apprentices and their nightly palavers; the five banners that featured either an elixir, ink well, pauldrons, a sword over shield, or crossed wands across
five g...

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Into The Valley of the Shadow of Death, He Feared No Evil
Dorsha awoke from her afternoon meditations with a cry of deepest heartache;
her heart trembled under a thin stretch of skin threatened to stop in her chest forever. Sitting
there stunned, still trying to process what she had envisioned, the horrower strugg...

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Hierarchy of Hate 3
Guthbert Golthammer Blackguard Krandar Milinal raised his goblet to the five Regional
High Commanding Officers and assembled Zhentarim and offered a toast. “Clear mind, clear heart, clear focus.” It was a common
mantra for those who use hate and tyranny to ...

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Hierarchy of Hate 2
The Strifelord The Strifelord weighed the Chaplin ’s words carefully as the
tall man spoke, his dark tone was thick with implications. Years connected the
two men and their positions; the Strifelord, then under Bane’s dark clergy and
member of the Zhentarim...

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The Quarry's Call
The Slayer Kascar the hunter was broken from his pondering by a sudden clamor
that echoed off the cliffs and slopes, a ghostly sound he would later describe
as serendipity, and carefully crept from the mouth of the cave to an area of
shadow behind a natural...
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