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Bryan Spellman
In a world with only 24 hours in a day, he was very busy.
In a world with only 24 hours in a day, he was very busy.

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Spent most of the weekend sick & on the toilet, good thing though because it's where I do my best thinking & I have lots to think about #BeChange  

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Sad. An incredible writer with great wit.   #terrypratchett  

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To my Wood Badge Friends...

Who every said Buffalo were smart?  ;)

Never saw a graceful Eagle do that!

I wouldn't be a Scoutmaster if I wasn't at a Scout activity for the 9th weekend in a row. #scoutnation #Crossover :)

Meeting the wife for clothes shopping, sounds unmanly but I get to wait for her in REI. #GearHead #Awesome #ManCardKept

you know you are a Scoutmaster when, while waiting at home to do a Scoutmaster Conference for a Life Scout you decide to season your Dutch Oven before he comes over. #ScoutNation  

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Cool pic sent to me this weekend from the last campout. Me showing a Scout how to improve his photography skills :)

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+Ed Ratts  you see this?  Pretty neat!
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