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Still Blonde after all these YEARS
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Can you Relax when you wear a dress? 

#Dresstacular Check out my newest look. #karinadresses
Sophie Karina Dresses are just one of the many styles from Karina. Karina Dresses are for every BODY! Women over 45 will love the dresses.
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LADIES ONLY...Let Truth be told...Here's the reason why a man doesn't love you after sex...
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Join us on the WHOA network as panelists discuss Summer Style Secrets.  Summer Style Secrets Join me on my blog where I introduce even more photos! #WhoaNetwork #ChiefBlonde   #summerstyle   #Capris   #Womenover45  
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Have you tried a P-touch Labeler? Would you want to?   Here's what I am using if for!

Brother P-touch Labeler has a many great features for helping you with your organizational tipping points.
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Check out the Real Illness cost of Medical Conditions via the #Aflac Real Cost Calculator #breastcancercosts
Ever wondered what REAL illness costs would be should you ill? The Aflac Real Cost calculator can give you an idea. You will be shocked, Women over 45.
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New Outfit Post  ...#OutfitsModeledbyWomenover45  #FashionforWomenover45  #Womenover45   Today I am considering Legwear (yes Pantyhose and such) as a transitional item for Spring!
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Link up your Style posts on the #vzwvoices  Fashionista #style  HOp.  Anything goes, new or old post...outfit of the day, manicures, shoes, or polyvore!  

In it you will find   #blogher13     #blogher     #blogher   Expo Wrap up with ALL THE  SILLY Characters and an Outfit post too!   #ootd   #manicure   #polyvore  +Monroe and Main +J.Crew  #kohls   +LOFT  LOFT PR
For this week's Verizon Voices Fashionista Style Hop we feature outfits modled by Women over 45 for Blogher 2013.
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Blogger Rescued by Labeler!  For all the breaking details head here: (PTouchAmbassador)  #Brother #Ptouch 
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The Berghoff Chicago Review, Now and Then !  (Watch #thechiefBlonde  age 29 years as well)   #theberghoff   #BerghoffChicago
The Berghoff Chicago Translates Well Through the Years The Chief Blonde in front of The Berghoff Chicago (2013), and her younger self in front of the
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New post on  #alzheimers  
-- Famous People with Alzheimer's
--Top Ten Facts on Alzheimer's 
--What it's like to have Alzheimer's (12 minute shocking video)
--Simple FREE thing you can do to help with #alzheimersdisease 
--A pin that you can REpin to spread the word
#alzheimersawareness #endalzheimers
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THE BLOG For Women over 45! Giveaways ALWAYS over $50!
Still Blonde after all these YEARS is THE website for Women over 45 (and our younger friends) with Reviews/Giveaways for ALL always over $50!

 Readers want to know...WHO is the Chief Blonde?  The Chief Blonde is an every woman.  She is trying to get her act together,  get back into the job market, get her kids off to college (and out of the house),  keep a great relationship going with her husband--all the while trying to blog about what it takes to be a 45+ woman in today's world.  She tries to address questions like: Can I still wear this outfit?  Can I still wear my hair like this or if not, how should I wear it?  What the heck is happening to my skin now that I am in or approaching menopause and what can I do about it?

Shelley Zurek holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS in industrial administration from Kettering University(formerly General Motors Institute).  Shelley has worked extensively in industry focusing on Labor Relations and Marketing.  Having lived in Chicago, New York City, Canada, and Switzerland, Shelley has a view of the world that varies from the average blogger.  In her post "mothering" years, Shelley has worked as an independent contractor in Project Management and B2B Marketing and PR. Shelley is the Chief Blonde and Blogger at the wildly popular Still Blonde after all these YEARS, the Blog for Women over 45 (and our younger friends) with Giveaways for ALL always over $50.   Still Blonde after all these YEARS is the host for  3/4 million entry Fashionista Events--a bi-annual multi-blogger giveaway event  for ALL Fashion and ONLY Fashion!   Signup here to participate as a blogger.   

I have 2 large facebook groups..a fashion one consisting of 165 members (all bloggers) and an over 45 blogger group (all bloggers and all over 45--teehee DUH!) consisting of 127 members (bloggers and writers).   From them, I can draw the voices of social media. 

We cover any topics that relate to women over 45 (and our younger friends) including:

Blonde Stuff that You Just can’t Miss especially if you are a blogger:

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