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Cool project.
I'm currently creating a Rust implementation of the GNU Parallel program, as a part of the 'Rewrite Everything In Rust' mantra, and it is sporting the MIT license instead of the GNU GPL. The functionality is largely complete, but I am searching for ideas from the community for features that they would find useful in a program like Parallel. And no, I will not be implementing the `--bibtex` citation.

For a quick run through of what Parallel is and does, you can think of it as being like a for loop, but instead of executing tasks serially one after another, it acts as a CPU load balancer to evenly distribute tasks to each CPU core, ensuring that no core is left behind.

The syntax is relatively simple too, as it largely consists of a command template followed by a list of inputs to feed to your job threads.

parallel 'echo Core #{ %}: Task #{ #} of {#^}: {}' ::: /usr/bin/

To the common desktop user, it's typically used to compress large collections of pictures and music, such as this example for converting FLAC archives to Opus:

parallel 'ffmpeg -i {} -c:a libopus -b:a 128k {.}.opus' ::: $(find -type f -name '.flac')

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Converting the Emacs faithful. :)

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Love this.

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