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Learn programming with practice questions
Learn programming with practice questions

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I wrote a blog post on how to write a Ruby DSL in about 20 lines of code:

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I've been blogging a lot recently about Ruby's object model and metaprogramming:

CodeQuizzes just hit 1,000 users!  Woo hoo!

I've been traveling around Southeast Asia the past few months and my programming skills have been getting a bit rusty because I'm not coding all the time.  Retaking CodeQuizzes has been a great way for me to stay sharp.  I've spent my entire life studying for tests and then promptly forgetting most of the material and finally think I have a system in place to retain knowledge.  I will do a longer blog post on this soon.

P.S. For all CodeQuizzes users in India, Malaysia, and Thailand - you all have amazing countries.  I love it here!

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I added SEO friendly URLs to CodeQuizzes the other day.  Hopefully Google will drive more traffic to the site!  If you are interested in the implementation check out the linked commit and the few commits after it.  I'm going to write a blog post about SEO friendly URLs in Rails apps to summarize some of my findings because it wasn't all straightforward.

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Just added a Google + button to CodeQuizzes.  Almost went crazy with the Twitter / G + button CSS, so I gave up and not the G + button is floating weirdly with too much right margin.

The CodeQuizzes database just surpassed 10,000 rows, so I needed to upgrade to a paid Heroku plan.  Now we have access to 10,000,000 rows :)  Let's put this database plan to good use!
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