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Senior Night
In life, there are moments when you feel like everything is
coming full circle. I had that happen to me when I wore the Team USA jersey in
my 20s just like the Mighty Ducks did when I fell in love with hockey when I
was 4. But senior night was an entirely n...
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My Parents
My teammate Kalley Armstrong (Army) recently wrote a blog
about me and my roommate, Marissa Gedman. It inspired me to want to start
blogging again so here I am, finally sitting down and putting my thoughts on
paper. When I first sat down at my computer this...
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Since Sochi...
Well, I figured it was finally time to return to the
blogging world. The months since the Olympics ended in February have been busy
but enjoyable. However, as I get closer to the day that I’ll be leaving for
Harvard for summer school, I approach the beginni...
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