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Where ever music has taken me I have gone!!
Where ever music has taken me I have gone!!

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Here is an Exercise we can try at home to develop telepathy. At the end of the post I describe how i did this exercise on November 4th 2016. You can think of this as tips for making Telepathy/ESP a daily Individual or Family Mental Exercise Habit. Generally, when trying to get esp impressions it's better to close eyes (it shifts brain into an alpha more relaxed state) and remove all noise disturbances (wear earplugs if needed or if you are used to it already for meditation), to free brain resources used in processing PHYSICAL visual audio data and allow the brain to move to ASTRAL visual, audio, sentient, conceptual data coming from astral to the brain interface between astral and physical. :)

One thing that we hear/read news articles about is how families or groups eat, pray, bless the food, meditate or exercise together. What if a new trend is the ESP-Telepathy-OBE practice, just like meditation practice? Wouldn't telepathy be really useful in discovering new things, science truths and finding evidence of afterlife every single day? :)

Here is a very basic exercise, which you can do alone or with friends and you can enter the correct digit here in the comments (take at least 10-50 minutes to do it, to be ultra clear and meditative, rushing never works well with things like this for newbies) - after a day or two I will write the correct digit in the comments. If you are a newbie who never tried telepathy, this exercise may need more than 40-90 minutes to be successful. Best answers come in trance states when the "left brain is calmed down and the right brain is more active". This is where over analyzing is not good, since you are trying to not THINK yourself, but LISTEN to the thoughts of Spirits. You cannot hear SPIRITS if you think nonstop and create astral and brain noise.

To exercise our telepathy-obe-pre-cognitive-astral muscles, we can radiate energies of compassion-peace globally as mini-suns illuminating every human soul:) and then try guess a digit i selected between 0 and 9 in a meditation exercise and comment here your selection or email me. You can do this in many ways, using ESP, Telepathy (this is ideal, since communication with SPIRITS is very handy when you don't know where to astral travel), pre-cognition (time travel to the future when you open the paper and remote view the number) or astral travel (go inside, shrink astrally and read the number). To practice more beforehand you can simply write 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 on 10 pieces of paper (same size, tiny) and then with eyes closed pick a piece of paper and place it somewhere and then use telepathy or astral sight, hearing, feeling to perceive the digit. Your spirit helper will tell you and you will be able to hear/see/feel it if you are in a relaxed peaceful state. :) After you gained some confidence, you can just do it without the paper selection and focus on the digit i selected, by perhaps radiating some peaceful energy towards all human beings first, to help aid the World Peace goal in exchange for help from spirits aiding you to develop awareness. If you feel confident, ultra confident, you can repeat exercise to guess a digit a second number and the two digits will make a number xx. First i would try to do a digit at a time, understand how spirits communicate with me, and then repeat it before i jump to big numbers made of 2-9 digits. I selected both a digit and a number that has 2 digits, so when you comment after meditating you can write either digit or number depending on how much you want to exercise. The 2 digit number obviously takes twice as long as the 1 digit number to confirm via many methods, once first general impression was formed.

NOVEMBER 4TH 2016 Exercise

On November 4th 2016, i cut a piece of white paper in 10 pieces and wrote with a very light pink 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 on the 10 pieces of paper. Folded each twice and placed them in a sock to prevent looking at them. Then picked one out of the sock and placed it in another sock, so I cannot see and focus astrally better on the sock. Then I used many methods described in detail below to confirm initial telepathy from spirits about the ZERO digit, to gain more confidence and also telepathy. We each have certain neural pathways and telepathy pathways in the astral and physical brain that are more EXERCISED or developed depending on our total soul history, so by engaging the dormant less used pathways we slowly move towards a more synesthesic and full trans-linguistic highly rich telepathy.

Within seconds of placing the paper in the sock, I heard a spirit astrally loud saying ZERO. And then repeating it over and over. At first i thought it's a joke or something from a joker spirit or something else, as i didn't even fully get in the bed to start my telepathy. But over the next few hours, I tried to use many methods to confirm this initial information.

1. Confirmation of Initial First Clairaudient Impression/Telepathy via YES-NO

I went thru each of the 10 digits, and said them mentally, and waited for SPIRITS TO SAY yes OR no. They only said YES to ZERO. I repeated this many times and most of the times, it was ZERO THAT GOT YES.

2. Confirmation of Initial First Clairaudient Impression/Telepathy via IMAGES

I imagined a very pleasant heavenly astral world with a pleasant room with a table on it. The point was to see on this table as many oranges (or cactus pears or whatever your favorite fruit is for this exercise) as the digit signifies. This activates the visual cortex link to the Telepathy centers in the astral body. So, if the digit would be 5, i would see 5 oranges in this Remote Viewing Inducing Astral Room in my mind. If it would be 0, i would see no oranges. I did this with many fruits and even chairs instead of fruits and got empty table, no chairs, meaning ZERO.

3. Confirmation of Initial First Clairaudient Impression/Telepathy via PSYCHOMETRY

I took the sock at one moment and touched it to feel maybe any impression, tried to get an impression of what it might be, but initially psychometry gave me conflicting information, it seemed as if a 4 would be there. It was not zero, so this caused me to try to confirm the zero in all the other ways. But zero came again thru astral psychometry stronger after many attempts, so i ignored the non-zero impressions. Psychometry comes from psychic metering, psychic measuring of data about an object by holding the object in your hand.

4. Confirmation of Initial First Clairaudient Impression/Telepathy via Astral Time Travel

I was trying to remote view the future of me opening the sock and seeing the number, but this one was a lot harder than I thought, since I didn't get a clear ZERO all the time, possibly due to lack of experience with time travel. I got zero more times, than non-zero, but the fuzzy nature of it made me discard this confirmation method.

5. Confirmation of Initial First Clairaudient Impression/Telepathy via TACTILE SENSATIONS FROM SPIRITS IN MY FINGERS

I have asked the spirits to touch each finger with Loving Kindness feelings, and i have 10 fingers and I assigned each a digit. The finger that led to the strongest universal loving kindness (the Unconditional Love of God like in NDE type of thing) was the right DIGIT. Zero came the strongest.

6. Confirmation of Initial First Clairaudient Impression/Telepathy via World Peace Radiation of Energies thru the 10 fingers

This is like above, except instead of spirits infusing my fingers, I radiated Peace to all planet thru each finger and ZERO finger came strongest again.

7. Confirmation of Initial First Clairaudient Impression/Telepathy via ASTRAL COLORS

I assigned 0-6 to the 7 colors of the rainbow (0=red, 1=orange, 2=yellow, 3=green, 4=blue, 5=indigo, 6=purple) and 7 to white, 8 to gold, 9 to silver. RED came strongest.

You can also split the 10 into 2 major camps, like first five is yellow and next 5 is blue, do yellow, blue choice and then the remaining 5 you apply the first 5 of the rainbow or whatever works for your brain, depending on how your astral and/or physical brain sensitivity to colors is.

Initially when I did it, i assigned gold to first 7 (i was going to do rainbow with those, as i am used to the rainbow set of colors for telepathy confirmations) and silver to the second 3 digits, gold came strong. Then i did rainbow on the first 7 and got REEEEEEEEEEEED.

There are other things which i did, but I am not going into detail now. The one thing that I noticed whenever I tried things of this sort is that we need to confirm things many times to be 100% sure as shown above. If we rush, we are far more likely to get it wrong. The human brain is extremely complex and there are many ways to confuse noise with signal. The thing is each person is best at one of these: clairsentience, clairtasting, clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc - so for some people the first and/or clearest and strongest impressions always come as VISUAL, SMELL, FEELING, TEXTURE, OR symbol NOT AS SOUND as it did for me and as it does for me many times. For example, if you are very good with taste, you can assign

0 to bitter, 1 to cilantro taste, 2 to orange taste , 3 to your banana strawberry favorite smoothie, etc... and use that. Use whatever senses are strongest with you, everyone is different. If you are very touchy feely, you may assign 0-9 to different touching sensations, etc... If you are super sensitive with your toes (I am not), you can assign 0-9 to each of the 10 toes. Most people feel their hands much more, so it's easier with the fingers. But there are always exceptions.

I noticed that it SEEMS THAT people who hear or are very sensitive to sound are better at clairaudience. It may be that like with death wounds having the exact shape as a birth defect in reincarnation cases, the ASTRAL multi-life multi-dimensional DEVELOPING OF THE ASTRAL BRAIN REGIONS DETERMINES WHICH AREAS OF THE EMBRYO GENES get turned on... more, i.e. the astral brain influences the DNA in the womb and at conception even. This would also explain why some people know so much MATH at age 2 or 4, way more than some people will know their whole life. What we learn in former lives is somewhere stored deep inside our souls? This is a hypothesis though, not anything i can say "I know for sure". :)

I did this 0-9 digit exercise first time on 10-30-2015 and i correctly identified a 7 and the color purple when I did the 7 rainbow color on paper selection. :) It was a very interesting thing that the color selected was the 7th of the rainbow, as the number first done in this first exercise. :)

There are infinite ways to encode the answer as being Yes or No, with colors, numbers, etc or a combo of these. For example, you can choose to perceive one of 10 colors and have 10 papers (with the colors written on them and folded so you don't see what they are as in the experiments above) with eyes closed before experiment starts aligned in order in a line behind a box or something where you don't see them, so you don't try to subconsciously learn which shape is which color, etc. Assign YES to positions 1,3,5,7,9 and NO to positions 2,4,6,8,10. If the color you get is in the yes position, it's yes. Change the encoding, try something like yes is 1-5 and no is position 6-10 or yes position 1,2,4,7,8 and no is the others, so if the color keeps always showing up in YES, the answer is YES. Try do YES and NO this way with time events too as explained below, and so on. On Nov 26th 2016 I did this and i learned a lot about how spirits communicate - i got the same answer, after decoding, 9 times. Only one time it was yes, 9 times it was no. If it were chance, it should have happened more even, 50-50, not 90 to 10. Don't do this for too long as you may get tired and then the accuracy will take a hit. Just like when you workout push ups - you need take a break, telepathy uses certain brain circuits that get tired after a while, especially if not used to it, just like undeveloped muscles can do 10 push ups, but developed ones can do 100. Same thing with the telepathy muscles. :) Better to do 1-2 hours daily than to do 10 hours once a week, by far, you get way better results, also doing it when rested, like before noon.


Future is not set, but the closer one gets to the future date (days or weeks, instead of decades), the more likely it is that the probability of one timeline to happen is so big, that it can be correctly identified via astral travel or telepathy in most cases depending on several factors. As such, a simple version of this experiment is to choose any random future event, very simple things (which house down the road a person will park his car, or what will be the price of tomatoes at a grocery store next day, etc), that will occur within 24-48 hours nearby or in a public place you can verify astrally or in person and make 3-10 choices for what can occur and then use telepathy with spirits to identify which one will occur. Then verify it and compare the notes, learn from mistakes, understand why the mistake or if there was a real shift in timeline (very rare though, since the advanced spirits can see exactly all possible futures when it gets close to a date). You can choose several events a day and guess more than once daily and see how future precognitive telepathy develops over time. This can be fine tuned to events 1 week or 1 month away or even 10 years away, to gauge the highest probability now - given current trends, etc. One can make a journal entry and then verify events predicted 3 months ago and see how time travel telepathy accuracy works 3 months ahead of an event, or 3 years ahead of an event, or longer. One can make a file or some kind of journal dedicated to only these types of events, with future dates marked in a calendar to check how the event actually turned out (or make a calendar task on a phone or desktop calendar software or something). Also, it's best to never tell anyone what the encoded notes in your journal mean about your time travel telepathy or your calendar computer or tablet or phone task, since hackers (or a playful sibling, etc) can try to guess what you guessed about the future and make it come true to create a certain illusion. For example you can try to predict when something will happen, the exact time, by dividing the average time of happening for that event into 10 and then assigning 0-9 digits or 10 colors to the 10 time periods. However, since you know what each number or color corresponds to time wise, it's best to do double encoding as I did for the election November 5th telepathy (see below) on who wins US election by how many millions of votes. This way, there is no interference from the left analytical brain so to speak.

Note: if you do a question that has a Yes or No answer, it's ultra highly recommended to always encode the choice, i.e. take 2 pieces of paper and write on them 2 colors, fold them twice. Then with eyes closed or anyway, not trying to see anything, place a folded tiny paper as above in a given location x. Then do telepathy, confirm it in many ways, and see what color came. If the color that comes matches the color written on paper in location X, it means YES to the question. Otherwise, it's NO. This can be done the other way too. Just make sure you never ask for telepathy YES or NO directly, since the brain is very powerful at overriding subtle spirit telepathy when it wants the answer to be YES or NO. This way, you bypass the left brain. Also, for YES and NO questions or dual choice (one out of 2, not one out of 10), it's best to repeat it many times and take it seriously only after you got always same answer in a row, to confirm it if you are not sure. :) The same idea for questions where you care about the answer, assign the numbers to colors for example and then arrange randomly the 10 color folded papers in order from left to right to match 0-9. Then you select a color via telepathy and that's the number. Sometimes, a question about a number is charged. Be careful what other images spirits communicate, this is training the brain to be objective and not PROJECT one's beliefs, or desires and wishes onto spirit telepathy. Eventually, after a long practice, one becomes an expert at it, etc... :) Like with any skill, be it chess or whatever. The hardest thing in telepathy is learning to be objective and not project your thoughts on spirit's messages - which many people always do even while astral projected. This is very well exemplified by the telepathy on November 5th from spirits, which contradicted my conscious mind thoughts about the US election as explained below:

Telepathy - bypassing the conscious mind, our own thoughts, the left brain - an example from November 5th with Spirits saying what I did not believe could be true.

On November 5th, i did a super-fast 10 minute telepathy experiment where i assigned the color in a given location being the same as TELEPATHY received Color as meaning Clinton wins, and if a different color than telepathy color shows in a location where I placed a paper with one of two colors without seeing it to bypass conscious mind, Trump wins. I got that Trump wins, but i ignored this telepathy experiment, since it was done very fast and I did not believe the spirits and was too hesitant to post it publicly. I arranged the 7 colors of rainbow and white, silver, gold in random order in a given location in line, and the first color from left means 0, the last one means 9. 9 had to be repeated, means winning election by more than 9 million votes or 9 million. I got via telepathy the color RED and red was in position 2, so 2 million, so Trump theoretically, according to this ultra high speed experiment (too lazy to do it slow like November 4th one with 30 confirmations), Trump would win by 2 million votes. I just wanted to share this, because my conscious mind totally ignored this - thinking I must have heard something wrong. Noteworthy is that the color RED was on the 3rd folded paper, and corresponded to number 2, since left most is 0, right most is 9. 3-2 again as between 2 and 3 am EST when Clinton conceded and Trump gave his victory speech, very funny coincidence.

My conscious mind thought Clinton would win by 5 or 6 million votes, but the only spirit telepathy experiment on the election that i ever did said Trump wins by 2 million votes. This shows that the conscious mind can be off wildly - since the human brain is far less limited than the spirit - and it projects its own beliefs or even desires.

Clinton did not win by 5 or 6 million votes as my conscious mind guessed, and I still don't know if the SPIRIT telepathy that Trump would win by 2 million votes will come true or was an erroneous telepathy, since I did it 15 times faster than the Telepathy below from November 4th about which of the 10 digits i selected without seeing:

Add-on later: Congratulations to Trump, at about 2:30 am Washington Time Clinton called him to congratulate him on winning, according to CNN. :) Trump gave his winning speech a few minutes after that phone call. World Peace is Possible, whatever people chose, they chose, Telepathy shows how the conscious mind has no clue about the SPIRIT'S knowledge. :)

“Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.” Einstein

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nikola Tesla

Note: you can also assign answers to questions you have to numbers on the 10 pieces of paper and then after special prayers, meditation, world peace visualization as explained above, pick the number and there you will often find the answer, since God, your guardian angel or evolved spirits have the power to guide your hand to give you answers - if you don't feel like astral traveling that morning or you are not into bilocation. These telepathy exercises (especially those seeking answers or confirmations to certain hypotheses) are to be done ideally in the morning or early afternoon, or right after we wake up and are in the ethereal zone, the state of maximum awareness of the day, when we are more likely to have obes, and be ultra clear. :) You will realize if you ask same question 10 times (with 10 possible answers) and get same answer 10 times in a row (say over many days), that it cannot be by chance, but it is something with a probability of 1 in 10 billion - which is very hard to fake or achieve - it requires a very evolved spirit (attracted by your prayers, world peace meditations, etc) to replicate this kind of stuff 10 times thru your hand, etc. This is stronger than a random telepathic voice saying something, since random voices can be of random spirits who try interfere. This is done under protection, after proper shield creation, and as such, it's different than than random thoughts we hear from passing spirits. The ideal is to evolve our telepathy where we are no longer being influenced by random spirits and are in a state of communion with evolved spirits all the time (but this is very hard, may take 40 years at least for some) - and remain serene when funny or annoying or surprising things are said by immature spirits. What happens is that the more you verify a hypothesis via all possible means (not just telepathy or obe or etc), not just one method, the more likely it is that it's true. Well, it's taking time, to really verify some things takes a LONG TIME. :)

This stuff can be extended to assign digits, colors, images to letters too, so as to get precise information about say "What name a baby spirit wants, what chemical element or substance is the key to discovering anti-gravity, or some other similar information that would make the world a better place". :) Technically, one can even use this to find almost any information that the noble SPIRITS are ok with someone having - if it helps the world to become better of course. The beauty of it is that this is something far more comfortable for those scared of astral travel every day at will, or etc.

"If I had my life to live over again, I should devote myself to psychical research rather than to psychoanalysis," wrote Sigmund Freud

Einstein wrote a preface to the book about Telepathy and praised the book. ►

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