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Geek, husband, gamer, software engineer, maker of things out of wood
Geek, husband, gamer, software engineer, maker of things out of wood

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This was fun, thought I'd share. While waiting for our 5e, HF inspired Plane of Earth Unleashed room to finish drying, I cut and painted up some bases for ICRPG using a method similar to Wyloch's. They were fun and work well.

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Second of the d100 one room/five room dungeons statted up, this one a keep ruined by foul magics that feeds on abductees/adventurers. I'm intending to run these as one offs or fit them into a Grimdark setting I'm working up for when we finish/get tired of Eberron 5e.

I'm keeping them short and generic so I can make stuff up on the fly, but would there be any interest in having something more formal that could actually be standalone without a lot of interpretation?

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A site that I've used for years (Elfmaids and Octopi) to generate ideas for campaigns and adventures sparked an idea yesterday while I was laying out the Shadowrun ICRPG rules. The author routinely generates 1d100 lists of things. A post he had the other day was "d100 One Room Dungeons", but they're really more like "d100 places that are kinda open with nooks and adventure seeds littered around". Example:

21 Forrt Wrath - a Dwarf underground ruined fort haunted by undead dwarves and huge rats, dwarf relics are said to be hidden among the rubble sealed chambers

That one line, combined with ICRPG cards, sounds like an entire night's adventure. I'm a big fan of randomly drawing ICRPG cards and making something, but I also like the idea of starting with a premise and picking out cards that enforce the predetermined theme. When inspiration cuts out, this list, combined with ICRPG cards, could easily be an entire night.

The site has boatloads of lists. Thought it was good inspiration and a good fit for ICRPG.

Coming up with a class list/item list/rewards list for an ICRPG session in Shadowrun. Saw +Jesse Rexroad's post a few days back about characters, so I'm stealing all that for the racial bonuses. Attaching what I have so far (not finished), comments appreciated. A few questions that immediately came up, as I'm not too familiar with Shadowrun and wanted to see how other people would do things:

- Shamans should cast with CHA I'm guessing, as they're calling down spirits?
- Sounds like Shaman should start with a totem or a "type"...I'd like to put that in the Starter Reward, but I'm not sure how. Thoughts? Maybe just leave it as flavor for the player to determine?
- Riggers' drones...treat them as items or the tangible result of spells? I was thinking the schematics could be items that taught how to create, with effort, the individual drones. How would that play out, and what are better options?
- I'm thinking ICE involves detection and attempts to overcome. Programs can be items used by a decker to do magical (weapon?) effort damage to ICE before detection (opposed effort/timers?)
- Suggestions for milestone rewards? Deckers = programs?, mages = spells?, riggers = drone/vehicles?, shamans = totems?
- Ammo capacity, might either scrap it or take the roll down die approach mentioned days ago in another comment

Was mulling this over on the drive in to work and figured I'd brainstorm here.

Rather than graft ICRPG into other systems, I think I just want to graft parts of other systems into ICRPG. Effort is just such a great concept that I want it to be the core of what we play.

It's ICRPG's intention to be brutal, but I also like playing in grim settings where characters get maimed, those injuries impact how a PC functions and they become part of the story (in our Monday Uncharted Worlds game, our captain had his leg ripped off by a beast, another lost two limbs sacrificing his vac suit to save the captain's life with a tourniquet, and we had to go find them prosthetics). One system that has a good, simple mechanism for doing that is Tephra, a steampunk TTRPG. They treat hp effectively as stamina...easily recovered outside combat with a breather, but once it's reduced to zero, you start taking wounds. Because their system is d12 based, they have wounds and fatal wounds for each of twelve body parts (head, throat, chest, arms x 2, hands x 2, stomach, legs x 2, feet x 2). Wounds stick around and require a day of rest per wound to recover. Wounds also enable called shots...they're more costly to make, and resistable, but do immediate wound damage, bypassing hp.

Modifying that system for ICRPG:

- Damage that would reduce a character below zero hp (but wouldn't outright kill them at -20) does wound damage; roll a d12 (head, throat, chest, l arm, l hand, r arm, r hand, stomach, l leg, l foot, r leg, r foot) and take a wound at that location (lose the ability to use an extremity. For head/throat/chest/stomach, I'd probably rule that Int/Wis/Con/Cha checks/attempts become hard, and hard checks/attempts (other than Recovery) are automatically failed).
- If you roll a location that's already wounded, take a fatal wound (typically losing the body part...which is death if it's the head, throat, chest or stomach). With fatal wounds, there's no's gone. Replace it through magical means, prosthetics, etc.
- Normal attempts can be made into called shots to specific locations...they become HARD attempts but bypass hit points to do wound damage to specific body parts, and are resistable by the target making a Dex check (not sure I like double dicing, but called shots should be very tough to make).
- For wounds to heal requires a successful Recovery roll when the game is day turns or longer. If in hours, three succesful Recoveries will heal a wound.

Probably not for everyone, totally optional system, but I think our group would dig it for a grimdark game.

Has anyone done ship-to-ship combat in ICRPG yet? We have a game using the Uncharted Worlds ruleset on Mondays, and I think ICRPG would actually utilize its ship rules pretty well, maybe doing them even better than UW does. I'd like to run something with ICRPG to compare them for our Thursday night game.

My initial thoughts for ships (think Serenity, not a shuttle) are:
- Ships have four sections; Engineering, Helm, Quarters and Cargo (stolen straight from UW). Each have a hardpoint for weapons (which each do weapon effort or maybe magic, if enhanced) and utilize the attempt stat (dex, int or wis) of the player manning the hardpoint.
- Each section has a heart value for the amount of effort needed to render them useless, exposed to space, etc. Shields would be hit first for the entire ship. Called shots to target specific systems would be HARD. Normal attempts would hit random systems.
- Ships (beyond basic shuttles) probably have shields. Basic shields might be 1 heart, and shield generators (while active, or maybe actively manned through a "shields up!" maneuver?) regenerate hearts each round (meaning any attack must get through them first to do damage to the individual sections).
- Players must man the weapon at each hardpoint to use it. Players can also be manning individual systems, like engineering (shields up!), helm (maneuvering), cargo (grappling arms), etc.
- Shuttles or little ships (think Tie Fighters) might just be 1 heart and shields, no sections (call it Hull and be done).

Eventually, different class ships would have different strengths. More weapon systems; more cargo room; more hearts per section; better maneuverability; better shields. Steal from Faster Than Light and have loot that directly impacts power (number of systems/weapons allowed), better missiles, additional systems, etc.

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I like physical handouts for players, and the hero coins seemed to lend themselves to this. The ICRPG glyph + a 1" washer made a pretty good one last night. Print this out (or, for awesome glossy results, get it instant printed as a 4x6 picture at a walmart for ~$.30), cut it out with a 1" scrapbooking punch and glue two of them to a washer for weight. Toss them to your players when they do something awesome.

Funny event of the night...PC with spears threw both, couldn't get them. PC playing a scout (who picked the fox avatar and decided to roll with it as a talking fox) spends an action jumping into the PCs arms and stiffening their body. Spear throwing PC, who has 5 in weapon effort and an item with an additional 2, throws the fox for 13 damage, demolishing 1 and 2 heart creatures. Happened multiple times, became "the go-to strat". Had to allow it for the lols.

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Ran a session of ICRPG for the first time tonight. Overall, it was well received by eeryone, but I had some questions for the collective:

1) Are monsters intended to be hit at the same target as the room? i.e. there's no armor applied, no base 10 AC for monsters? I used room targets, wasn't sure if that was the intention though. Probably house ruling in something for mooks (1 hit kills), but not sure how to address goblins and a rancor in the same fight as far as attempt rolls.

2) I think this is my players' just wanting to min-max, but they wanted to take breathers after combat to restore HP 1 by 1 before moving to the next room. It could just be I designed rooms with too much space between them and wasn't throwing enough at them so they were able to, but is the intent for healing to be limited by timers? Are times supposed to be designed to never go away so the players are always threatened, or are the players supposed to be able to heal up while they move up to the next room? I have a feeling they'd game it by keeping a low damage enemy around and taking breathers each round if they could. Alternatively, I could just make rooms deadlier.

3) What's a good rule of thumb for room difficulties? I had an initial room at 9, then the second room at 10...both felt way too low, but I could probably amp up threats and timers to compensate.

4) Wildman's belt seems kinda OP....our wildling was, by far, the best lockpicker in the group, better than the guy with lockpicks. Target #s too low, maybe? Or was the ultimate supposed to only apply to certain types of attempts?

Effort was awesome, IMO. Taking three turns to pick locks, two to climb embankments, and having it make sense why it's taking that long, was great. I'll incorporate that into any game system I'm playing in the future.

Made some tokens with washers and the ICRPG glyph for hero coins...players liked them, handed out a few. Love the art Hank, this feels like a very good system that needs a few tweaks based on individual player styles. 

I'm pretty sure our session last night bounced between the ridiculous and the obscene, so I won't post a transcript. However, I did want to run one of our combats past the group.

The PCs discover a cargo container floating through a debris field. Visual assessment tells them a ship has been blown up; looks like the cargo container was ejected due to a lack of evidence of explosion on its exterior. They decide to grab it using a shuttle with a cargo hold but, having no tractor beam, I adjudicate the threat of destroying the container so Face Adversity+expertise of the shuttle pilot. Success with a hard choice; either the container is brought on board quickly, but the exterior ruptures and the goods seep out into space or it takes an extended period of time (like, all day) to maneuver into position. The choose the latter.

I advance a threat, the pirates that (maybe?) originally blew up the ship returning to grab their prize. One of our other players launches his shuttle; we now have two shuttles and the main (Class 2) ship vs. the single pirate (Class 2) ship. The pirates ask, for their container back, the PCs delay/sweet talk, and while they're doing this they open the cargo container...illicit narcotics. The pirates offer a scant sum, well below what the PCs are told (by their Hutt passenger) the cargo is worth in the Hutt empire. The players ask full price, Face Adversity+Influence.

Success with (another) hard choice...sell it to them for below market value, or learn an unwelcome truth. They choose the latter, at which point the pirate ship launches 3 shuttles and powers up their ion cannon.

The PCs decide to load the shuttles into their main shp's cargo bay and GTFO. My ruling is their ship must be a sitting duck while they dock the shuttles, taking hits from the now launched fighters and the ion cannon, or they can evade and risk not docking the shuttles in a timely manner. They choose the former.

Combat ends when they get the shuttles docked, then jump to light speed (AI, which has the voice of Harvey Fierstein, driving) with suppressing fire to ward off the fighters remaining shots, but the ship sustained critical hits to the helm, engineering and quarters, a major hit to engineering, the cockpit is completely destroyed (debility, fortunately they have an AI piloting for them), and the Life Support takes a debility (offline).


1) As they were sitting ducks, I had them roll Shields Up for each of 5 hits (Ion Cannon, Fighter x 3, Missiles). They failed on shot 3, which should have disabled their shields, but I let them continue to roll Shields Up judging it was "all at the same time". Is either the 5 hits/rolls or the continued Shields Up roll incorrect RAW? We weren't sure.

2) Shots from fighters with weapons intended to breach hulls, when they hit, are Critical Injuries to one of the ships' sections, correct?

3) Do critical hits always cause debilities?

4) What do most people do when you receive two critical hits to a single section of a ship? That should be a fatal hit, which I would rule as that section of the ship is incapable of performing any function, but have others just said "Hull breach, dead" or something along those lines?

5) Fixing this ship for next week; three criticals, a major, a system completely offline. That seems like too much for just an Acquisition role (or roles, if we roll for each bit of damage), but how would you folks do that? I don't read anything that allows for reductions in rolls, but I feel like this is a time when I'd want to mechnically make them spend cargo/credits to get a ship repaired. Do you incorporate that into the fiction, or is there something RAW that would make it harder to get big stuff repaired that I'm missing?

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