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Bringing Art into Content Lessons: Part 2
In my last post , I shared a few ideas to integrate art into our Social Studies unit on ancient China.  We always follow up ancient China with ancient Egypt which gives me more opportunities to bring in some fun art projects. One of our messiest projects is...

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Bringing Art into Content Lessons
Even though I have absolutely no artistic talent, I really enjoy finding ways to bring art into the classroom.  My students spend one hour a week with our school's art teacher, which I just don't think is enough time.  My goal is to do one art activity a we...

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Assessments Assessments Assessments
Performance tasks. Performance assessments. Performance assessment tasks.  So I've always thought that these kinds of assessments are ideal. Instead of limiting kids to your supplied answer choices (and one silly one that someone ALWAYS picks), kids can sho...

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Snow Daze!
Thanks to a extreme blast of winter weather, I haven't seen my students in over a week.  This unexpected break, while welcome, has wreaked havoc with my curriculum map!  When we go back to school Monday morning, I will be focused on catching up but my stude...

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All About Clouds!
Here in Virginia, we teach a fairly comprehensive unit on weather in 2nd grade.  Our Standards of Learning (SOLs) include the water cycle, weather instruments, and dangerous storms , but clouds are not covered.  Being the rebel that I am, I teach clouds any...

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Color Poem Amped Up
As I get into the thick of my writing program, I have been rewriting lessons and streamlining. Teaching in a dual language immersion program and having limited instructional times will prompt that! For a few years, I have done the traditional "color poem" t...

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End of the Year Fun
What is it about May?   March and April seem to drag along, and then
- BAM!- May comes, and there aren’t enough hours in the school day.   The month is jam-packed with testing, field
day, testing, science fairs, testing, and testing.   Did I mention all the...

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Welcome to A Bird’s Eye View !   My name
is Molly and I am a teacher and a mom to two little boys.   This is my 14 th year teaching, and
my 14 th year teaching 2 nd grade!   Every spring I think about making the switch
to another grade, but I just can’t see...
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