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Instituto da SupraConsciência
“A consciência é a base da energia. Ouse expandi-la. E a supraconsciência vos será dada.”
“A consciência é a base da energia. Ouse expandi-la. E a supraconsciência vos será dada.”


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25 a 28.FEVEREIRO.2017
TERRA XAMÃ, Juquitiba, SP, Brasil
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O Festival da SupraConsciência é uma Iniciativa Musical que tem como objetivo reunir os grandes nomes da musicoterapia nacional e internacional, afim de apoiar o Movimento da SupraConsciência a criar uma rede de cura sonora que seja possível transmitir as novas frequências da Nova Era para Despertar o Senso de SupraConsciência de Unidade.
Juntos por uma só Voz!
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The SupraConsciousness Institute is located inside of Terra Xamã » Reserva Natural Internacional.
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Shamanic medicines have been used for millennia by shamans and healers of various traditions to establish access to the unconscious and cure of various pathologies. These sacred plants allow a process of self-healing to be unleashed, bringing the consciousness of the unity of being, whose disintegration is the main cause of the psychic imbalances that the human being experiences in the present day. The shaman, instrumented to transit through all the worlds, seeks to recover in man that primordial state inherent to human nature, which is that of total integration.

Nowadays, in which a greater commitment and responsibility of the individual with issues of planetary scope is urgently shown, these medicines have played a fundamental role in bringing this greater integration of man with man, as well as of man with nature and with his own spirituality, making possible the much needed integration of the rescue of this circular movement (in spiral) of healing.

For this the medicines will be approached in their diverse aspects: cultural, scientific, therapeutic and spiritual.

We invite the scientific community and all stakeholders to contribute to this discussion. We propose some thematic axes to be developed:

» The use of shamanic medicines by the various traditions at all times
» The use of legalised shamanic medicines
» Scientific research developed on these medicines
» The effects on physical, mental and psychic health
» Legislation, supervision and control over the use of medicines
» Reports on the use of legalised medicines and benefits
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The SupraConscious Reiki Project is a free of charge R'XA ® University training initiative, educating poor communities and low-income individuals.

This is a new version of R'XA ® (Reekssa) Ancestral Shamanic Reiki, and was designed especially to raise awareness and meet the therapeutic treatment of the social projects of the SupraConsciousness Institute.

R'XA ® (Reekssa) is the Bioenergetic System of 7th Dimensional Holographic Quantum Healing (7D), encoded by the Medium and Master Shaman Akaiê Sramana, as Shamanic Tool for Transformation of Ignorance, Spiritual Rescue, Awakening of SupraConscience and Spiritual Ascension for New Humanity.
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We truly believe that Behavioural Psycho-Education and Therapeutic Re-socialisation are highly effective measures to address a wide range of social problems. These social problems include significant behavioural changes that can target people living in penitentiary systems, outside society, in pecuniary and extreme social isolation, for the achievement and conquest of a new destiny, full of dignity, honor and human integrity.

The Psycho-Education Project is a social project, which aims to meet prisoners in semi-open regime, and people in conflict with the law, in which participants receive professional training, psychosocial care and experience of complementary therapies, such as Reiki, Meditation , Yoga, Family Therapy, Family Systemic Constellations, Gestalt, Gestalt Theatre, Psychodrama, Talent Management and Behavioural Therapy. We will also offer prisoners social rehabilitation, experiences with Ayahuasca medicine, also known as Daime, vegetable, hoasca and holy light, which is recognised by CONAD and the Ministry of Health, to provide moments of introspection, reflection and behaviour changes. In addition to the therapies, meetings are held specifically to work on the psychic conflicts and the personality of prisoners.

All therapies are practiced by qualified professionals, who will seek assistance between the inmates, to supervise the application of the techniques among the inmates themselves, generating a dynamic, cooperative, therapeutic and self-healing environment.

The Psycho-Education Project, is based on the very successful project of the NGO Acuda - Cultural Development Association of the convict and Egress ( ) the state of Rondonia, which has helped more than 400 prisoners in semi-open regime and more than 750 young prisoners of the region, with the spiritual and therapeutic model of the sacramental use of the Ayahuasca medicine. The same model is also applicable to the healing therapies performed in Aldeia de Shiva, with numerous patients with psychological disorders for over a decade.
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The Gratitude Project aims to mobilise society to support, invest and believe in the value and importance of the human being, through a Strategic Action Plan, which aims to create SupraConscious Communities, self-sustaining and with their own staff, in every way, So that everyone can live in harmony, integrated with the environment, with mutual help and dignity. We truly believe that we are able to help people to help each other and to transform themselves, so that together we can create a new Planetary System of Harmony, Respect and Cooperation. So that people can make a difference in their families and support their local communities, through social actions that aim to enhance the
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Ancient times reveal that human beings have always been seeking the path of happiness and enlightenment. Many ancient civilisations achieved to walk this path with success, walking with principles of higher consciousness, where the value of unity was considered the Philosopher's Stone. Living and abiding by these principles of higher consciousness paved the way for heightened awareness. This awareness became a part of the genetic condition of the people, which gave birth to the realisation that we are all interrelated, inspiring a life of perfect harmony, health, and balance. They understood that there is a higher intelligence, which observes all events and interconnects everything.

Many teachers have taught us that in these ancient times many people were enlightened by finding this path of happiness, but as time passed, the humanity degenerated. Capitalist values were introduced into society and human values were replaced for technology, collaborating a behavioural change that directly altered the DNA structure of many human species.

This DNA alteration blocked our senses to receive high end information, which was once processed through purely harmonious, fraternal and equality coexistence between all human beings and nature. The devolution of these qualities triggered the emergence of numerous diseases and diseases of immunological origin.

Thus, it has become almost impossible for mankind to experience a higher state of happiness, well-being, and unconditional love. Happiness has become a way for a few.

However, there are many people suffering and do not know how to achieve this state of bliss.

We are rewriting history at all times and we very much believe that the great moment of change is wow. This change depends solely on us. This change will not come from politics and current rulers, but only if we awaken to the highest values of love, equality and unity for all humanity.

These values do exist within our genetic conjecture. They have just been disabled, but if we associate with communities of people who are vibrating at these higher frequencies, we are able to reactivate them. Or, simply by doing direct action to spread the message of SupraConscience of Unity across the Planet, propagating the idea that we are capable of changing the planet's frequency and that we are worthy of living in a global society, living in love, Harmony and peace, without fear of each other, co-creating the future we want for our next generations.

Brazil is considered the country of the future for humanity. We are in a completely natural place, whose frequencies, if well exploited, can be used to receive true spiritual inspirations that can be used as humanitarian tools for the reconstruction of a New Planet of Light.

The SupraConsciousness Institute is a civil society organisation that aims to create communities where people live in high unity consciousness (SupraConsciousness). Where everyone contributes to everyone. Caring for each other, so that the talents of all individuals can be used to build a self-sustainable community and Planet, as a whole.

We do not want to create communities where people wish to move away from society, or isolate themselves in forests. We rather create a space to allow them be able to live in a sense of unity and mutual help. Nourished with natural and technological resources, which facilitate the exchange of new human and social values.

Based upon these fundamental beliefs of unity and mutual help, the SupraConsciousness Movement was established in order to create SupraConscious Communities that are self-organising, where society organisations live by a common purpose of prosperity and abundance for all.

This movement acts within a natural system of events, in harmony with nature and with living beings, with Mother Earth and with all Creation.

We can no longer fold our arms and allow things to continue as they are. Our survival as a species will depend on new attitudes from now on, at this very moment. Discarding everything that makes it impossible for us to be truly happy.

I want to welcome all of you and joyfully express that I am very pleased with this new moment of Light and Ascension of the Unity Consciousness on Mother Earth.

I count on your participation in the SupraConsciousness Movement!

To register, take a look on:


Akaiê Sramana
SupraConsciousness Movement
SupraConsciousness Movement
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The Philosophy of SupraConsciousness arose to meet the human needs of integral self-knowledge, through a new model of education where information is shared in a systemic way to eradicate ignorance. Ignorance presupposes existential and spiritual poverty, causing human social suffering, lack of dignity and opportunity for personal, professional, family and conscious growth.
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The SupraConsciousness Institute is a team formed of leaders and advisors who specialise in transforming a lack of knowledge and information for High Awareness into accessible SupraConscious information. We achieve this through a natural self-healing process which produces Bio - Energy frequencies, that not only expand and align the genetic structure of our DNA, but also awakens the state of Higher Self-awareness.

All members of our team have already gone through this process (the Awakening of SupraConsciousness), and now devote their lives helping others with and through this process. We have created several projects to share our knowledge, which are interconnected with several other social projects, integrating SupraConsciousness into society, and collaborating to assist the awakening of a new humanity.


» Eradication of Ignorance;
» Development of New Values and Skills;
» Integral Education, Leadership (of service) and Planetary Healing;
» Ecological and Socio-Environmental Responsibility;
» Awakening of SupraConscious Unity.
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