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How is the 13th age version of this setting?

Myself and J.T. Dimino are pleased to announce the creation of “Casting Our Fate!” a podcast on all things Fate. We will have discussions, actual plays, interviews, reviews of official/3rd party Fate products and demonstrations of the books we review!

We are seeking some help from the community
We need help in creating a logo and banners for our show
Also any suggestions for content. This will be a community driven podcast with listeners questions and suggestions given the spotlight.

We are very excited to start this project!

Has anyone run a game where milestones happened in game, in the moment? Such as gaining a new skill at a critical time due to the narrative
If so how did it go?

How rules intensive is this game from the GMs side of the table? How intuitive is it to run?

I'm considering selling my entire physical 13th Age collection
Core book
13 true ways
Battle scenes book 1
Eyes of the stone thief
Book of loot
Alternative icons book from dread unicorn games
Metal icon tokens and icon dice
Any interest from this community?
Make me an offer

I'm selling off most of my rpg books because I'm moving and as my shelves empty I look at my Fate books and think "from my cold dead fingers" lol

Anyone tried running a game with aspects only? Like in the three rocketeers

Ive started writing my own setting for FAE/Core with a view to publishing it via kickstarter. Any advice from those who have or will soon publish using FATE?

The setting will be an unusual combination of fantasy, alternative history, mass combat (handled with minimal crunch) and gourmet food, in a monty python style

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Has anyone tried replacing stress tracks with more condition boxes?
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