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The Waterfall SDLC in Practice
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Took my wife's laptop to these guys to: 1.Clean laptop's internals, replace thermal paste on CPU; 2.Optimize and clean Windows 7. Computer specs: HP dv6 3159-er (core i7 1.6, 4gb of RAM, Radeon Mobility HD 5000). RESULT: + Laptop doesn't get hot and noisy anymore - Looks like during "cleaning windows" these guys removed some critical components of OS (like video drivers or something), whenever I try to access Youtube or any video streaming website now I'm getting "blue screen of death" now. Will try to diagnose and fix this myself. - Laptop's performance is highly unstable now, even Google Chrome with 2 tabs opened often hangs so bad, that only restarting OS helps. - Tried to install video drivers and update Direct X - getting the same blue screen of death - Had to fix BIOS boot priorities, as often got "Boot device cannot be found, please install OS to hard drive" error message and OS didn't want to load. Never happened before! SUMMARY: laptop isn't usable at all and I'll have to re-install Windows to fix all these issues. 1 hour stress test in Everest software didn't reveal any hardware failures. I would take the laptop back to DuckToes but the service isn't really fast and I don't have another week to waste on this. P.S. Based on this experience with these guys I wouldn't recommend to take your broken computer there for repairs. UPDATE 1: I was able to fix "booting device not found issue" by changing boot priorities in BIOS. Also installed latest windows updates and this fixed stability issues as well as OS speed issues. 2 issues left for now: - system isn't able to exit sleep mode for some reason, have to start Windows 7 manually; - when I try to update/re-install direct x manually - still have blue screen of death. My plan is to update the laptop to Windows 10 in 2 days and then see how it works. If still have issues - will probably take it back to DuckToes.
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