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Coming up next week: presentations in Victoria and Vancouver on #Bitcoin Basics for Beginners. This is a purely informational presentation, not a "roll up your sleeves and let's start running arbitrage" thing, so if you or someone you know is just mystified by the world of cryptocurrency and wants to get it put into plain English, this is the talk you must attend!
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Lorraine Murphy

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I've had my eye on this project for quite some time. I'll freak out the radiation alarmists, but hey, if we're going to be bombarded by cosmic rays anyway, we might as well get YouTube in the bargain.
Outernet - Free Global Wi-Fi Service from Outer Space #Security
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I'm pretty sure they have at least three satellites in orbit right now.
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Lorraine Murphy

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My appearance on the Morning News talking #Bitcoin  Basics.

Note to self: Must de-UM my speaking voice!
CKNW Morning News with Jon McComb - Jan 20 - Dealing with Bitcoin
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Lorraine Murphy

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How the BSA strongarm small and medium companies into settling out of court rather than fighting. There is "protecting an industry" and then there is what's going on here.

Besides, if you're going to blow up your career, you'd want more money than they're offering, no?
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Didja miss me, G+? No, you didn't. But you missed this great diner dinner in Victoria, BC, and you should feel bad about it! #travel #food #doesanyoneherestillusehashtags ?
 Photo by +Lori Dunn 
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AnonymouSky aka Starseed, has life-threatening brain cancer. After two rounds of chemo it's small enough to operate on. But we still need about 1200 Euros to pay for the surgery. Donate now to help one of the #Anonymous members who works the hardest getting out news from Venezuela, Turkey, Greece, the Ukraine, and other areas the mainstream media ignored for too long.
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Thanks, +Allegra Sloman He is good people and you are good people.
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With shutting down and me looking for a new blogging gig, there's never been a better time to share this, the single best testimonial I have ever received. For the record: yes, it went to my head.
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Raincoaster IS a god.
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Lorraine Murphy

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How the Russian government hacked the US energy industry and how what's going on in the Ukraine right now could render the entire three-year operation completely moot.
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Hey G+ers! Feeling critical? I'm looking for some feedback on my profile. For those of you who know me: is this me? For those of you who don't know me: what does this profile say about me? If nobody gives me any feedback, I'm just gonna sulk and go back to Facebook, so come through for me, people!
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Thanks, +Michael Safyan that is great feedback. I don't know WHY it pulled the Facebook Admin thing into the prominent position it did, but I'll see what I can do about downgrading it.
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Lorraine Murphy

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This is an amazing painting on copper: an original from Haida artist Marilyn McKee of Vancouver. She's raffling off tickets for $10 each on this $1200 work of art, but they are ONLY available till tomorrow morning 9am Vancouver time. That's ten bucks for an original work of art on semiprecious metal. Dude, how can you NOT? Click through for details about buying the tickets in time.

Been a huge fan of hers since I first wrote about her two years ago for the Daily Dot. Buying two of the tickets myself, if I can get the transfer done in time.
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Journalist, learning to use my powers for good instead of evil.
Reporting, researching, media appearances, stylish writing, and also I have a winning smile. Oh, and a contact list that I wouldn't put it past someone to kill for.
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    I do public speaking and training around the use of technology for transformative purposes. Was responsible for all web training at W2's Fearless City project, teaching the homeless and marginalized to use digital tools for empowerment. I've answered over 60,000 questions in the technical support forums.
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