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chilling on (which doesnt work on my chrome but on firefox it's cool) and I am sooo addicted! Pssss.... hanging in the University of Pittsburgh room :)
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Stephanie Gagnon

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Editing pix in google+.... niiiice! Specially the instant uploded once :D
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Stephanie Gagnon

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Collapsable comments :D Greatness! This sure made my evening... Add this if you are using chrome
Ariana Osborne originally shared:
This one's popped up a couple of times so I'm just gonna make a post about it:

I've got a couple of people in my circles that get a lot of comments. Which is great -- yay feedback -- except for the part where oh my god I'm still scrolling through comments aaaaa. And, okay, #firstworldproblemsandnoteven, because once they've been read once, google+ kindly collapses the comment stream. But... but... but so many comments to scroll through.

Well, if you're running chrome, there's the comment toggle extension:

I KNOW. Did your day just get amazingly better or what.
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Archivist by day and everything else by night, I'm a horror movie, gadgets and doctor who junky who love discoving new stuff and exploring the limit of the geek mind :) I also make mean banana bread ;)
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