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Bringing Shakespeare alive for children and adults.
Bringing Shakespeare alive for children and adults.


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Nursteed Community Primary School, Devizes, Wiltshire

Entertaining performances based on Shakespeare's Macbeth and Twelfth Night
Wednesday 2nd December at 7:30 pm - Bard Heads - One night only! Two 50 minute one-person performances from 'Finding the Will'. Tickets £10, concessions £8 (suitable for 12 years+). Concessions under 18 and over 65. Tickets from Devizes Books and Nursteed School Office.

Stop the marginalisation of the expressive arts in education policy
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IMPORTANT. Sorry to give you a job to do on a Saturday but this is is significant. The government are consulting on the Ebacc. The inclusion of expressive arts subjects doesn't seem to be up for debate here but that doesn't stop us writing in and making a noise about it. Please, if you value your jobs, your art and our children's futures, we all have a responsibility to speak up. A future where 90% of children are compelled to take the Ebacc is a future without specialist teachers of dance, drama, art and music in many schools. The idea that 90% of all children will have to study a foreign language when we know that so many young people struggle with English should worry us. Is geography really more valid and important to all children than drama? I'm going to write my letter this weekend and post the text here. I'd love you to join in. Please. We've been left out of consultations before. Don't walk quietly into the night.

Implementing the English Baccalaureate - Consultations - GOV.UK
We’re seeking views about the government’s proposals on how to get at least 90% of pupils to take GCSEs in the EBacc subjects.

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FINDING THE WILL Working with Schools

Hear from Richard about our week at a Surbiton School

Our short video helps to show what we do at schools and the fun children will have working with us.  Finding out about the characters and plot in  #MacBeth  and playing their part.

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Bard Heads this coming Friday 4 September 7.30pm

The Phoenix Theatre
Palace Pound
Saint Mary's Street
Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 5HT
In ‘Dog, Book And Scandal’ it is a year since the tragic deaths of Romeo & Juliet and Friar Laurence is questioning his faith. He is friendless save for a scruffy dog and an ageing atheist apothecary with personal hygiene issues.
In ‘The Queen’s Speech’ it is thirty five years since Miranda left Prospero’s island at the end of ‘The Tempest’.  Now the Queen of Naples, she is in trouble and yearning for sun, sea, sand and…….!
“An entertaining and thought-provoking production. The writing and performance is excellently pitched.”
Edinburgh Spotlight August 2014
“If these pieces don't become BBC Radio 4 afternoon plays there is something wrong with the world.”             The Gloucester Citizen June 2013

“Another brilliant show, absolutely wonderful performances, two of the best pieces of work I’ve seen this year!” 
Carn to Cove, Cornwall Rural Touring November 2013
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FINDING THE WILL in association with The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham presents 'Bard Heads'.................................

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FINDING THE WILL in association with The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham presents 'Bard Heads'.......

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One actor shows inspired by Shakespeare
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