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over due update and some pix of work
I've been sewing like a madman for the last few months. i've also picked up two new machines and purged the rest loving my janome MC9900 . it is a good computerized machine and embroidery machine. still haven't done any real embroidery work. janome coverpro...

if you don't know. massive rummage sale on Cheshire bridge tomorrow. benefits homeless lgbtqia8675309 youth should be good
Second Chance Rummage & Bake Sale - 10/20/2012 - benefiting Lost-n-Found Youth
Tomorrow at 8:00am at 2043 Cheshire Bridge Rd, Atlanta, GA 30324

Dear Hyatt. Why you no have lifetime.
Gotta get my project runway fix #hyattregencyreston #ipaidhowmuchfor62analogchannels

i'm so confused and shocked. this closing is one of the craziest spectacles i've ever seen. old lady you best night the designer and producer now.

London you win. It makes me ashamed to have worked on the 1996 closing crew doing lights.

#london2012   #olympicclosingceremony   

mac children. i'm not seeing an imac refresh. am i missing something cause i am seeing them discounted $200 at stores. looking to buy a this week

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Mmmm weird fusion asian tacos.


At an Italian grill/ steakhouse. Next to the hotel with bar FTW. Sweet child of mine playing in the dim faux even olive garden would cry Italian decor. My kinda dive. In a blast from the past I worked out here 15 years ago with Siemens. My first corp travel gig

Drawsomething you fail. 800 coins of color packs are gone. Not happy.
In a related note you are fizzling out. I only know 2 people still playing you. Even angrybirds keeps the people

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this is why i miss working at startups.
we cooked our own crack and smoked it

of course i like having a paycheck that doesn't bounce more.

in my version of Pricilla queen of the desert
I tell pandora "no more bloody fracking Rammstein "

how many thumbs down will it take to learn
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