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Rion Wilhelm
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy.
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy.

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Doubles today at 5pm at Taylor Mountain.
Well, this year's Steve Werner Memorial is going to be a small one but we are still going to hold it. At present, we have only one pro so we may not have a pro division, but we will see. All divisions will meet at Crane Creek on Saturday morning. Players Meeting at 9:30am, check in and last minute registration begin at 8:00am.
Richard Bautista, one of our golfers, and his wife are among those who lost everything in the Valley fire. I know finances are tough for everyone this year but, for those who can afford a little but, we will have a donation station at today's doubles and at the Steve Werner for Rich. And for those who aren't going to the Steve Werner, there will be a charity event at Chris Caudle's course this Sunday for the benefit of Richard and his family. If you can, make it by. We will be forwarding any donations we get to Shyne Dillahunty who will make sure it gets to Rich.
George will be at Crane Creek this Friday from about 1pm - 5pm for last minute entries for the Steve Werner.

Only a month left to register for The 2015 Steve Werner Memorial, a two day, three round, PDGA sanctioned "B" tour event to take place on September 19th and 20th, 2015. This is a Pro/Am event that will be played across two of the newest Sonoma Country courses, The Steve Werner Memorial Disc Golf Course @ Crane Creek Regional Park and the new Taylor Mountain course. The Pro level players will play two round at Taylor and one at Crane Creek, while the Amateur level players will play two rounds at Crane Creek and one at Taylor Mountain. There will be $500 added to the Pro payout for this event. Players packages for first 75 registered players. For more details and links to registration, visit For online registration or to download the flyer visit

Taylor Mountain Doubles At 5pm today. $6 per player. $4 payout. Ace pool @ $120. rainfall in October.  Last time we had any significant rain was in April.  It remains to be seen as to how it affects this year's wine production.  We have already had harvest.  But quality....well that remains to be judged.  Sometimes a dry period affects grapes positively (we have still had our cool mornings) and sometimes......

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ur magnificently intelligent leaders (yes, I am being factitious here) are holding our country hostage, and apparently no one is willing to prosecute them or even penalize them. I am not going to play their game here by saying that the Republicans are guilty or the Democrats are guilty, the fact is that they are both equally guilty! Somewhere along the way they all forgot to read the line (big letters, folks) in the Constitution that says “We the People”. They have come to believe that they do not work for us! We should fire all of them and pick people that will work for us. They think that politics is all about filling their pockets and making sure that their retirement is comfortable. Let them try to live on Social Security!
I will happily admit that I am a registered “Independent” because I believe that all politicians are inherently corrupt and greedy. Why else would they stay in public service once they find out how the game is played.
I am sure that there are those who initially go into politics because they want truly want to represent their constituents’ viewpoints. But that naive attitude will usually get quashed once the long time incumbents explain the rules to them. Everything has a price in Washington. It may be favors, it may be money but at some point they find out you have to “go along to get along”. Then it becomes a case of “us against them”,
with “us” being the ones in power and “them” being the average person. Any politician who stays on after the first term is sanctioning “The Game”.
Back in the days when N.O.W. (National Organization of Women) was just getting started with their fight to give women equal opportunities in the workplace, we used to have a concept called “The Queen Bee” syndrome. It stood for a woman who finally managed to work her way into an upper management position, then immediately began to protect her own status by doing her best to keep other women down. That is what we have in congress today. Everyone is protecting their own power by making sure that no one else has any. It really doesn’t matter what the people want, they can tell their representatives but they get ignored. And we can’t fire these guys, because the popular vote no longer matters, everything is in the hands of the Electoral College which aren’t elected. The members of the Electoral College are appointed by the political parties in each state. Yes, that’s right, the ones who actually cast the votes that count are chosen by the ones that receive the votes. We essentially are ruled by a government that choose the ones they want to elect them. So we have a bunch of politicians who make sure they are getting paid by taking our paychecks! What is wrong with this picture?

Sigh....time to start prep for NaNoWriMo!

New discussion today.  What do you do when you have a great premise for a book, you've got your outline and everything set up, you've been working on it for a while.....and someone publishes something exactly (or very close to) it?
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