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Locus ab auctoritate est infirmissimus - The argument from authority is the weakest.
Locus ab auctoritate est infirmissimus - The argument from authority is the weakest.
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My father used to drive my sister nutz by suggesting that she learn to play this...

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The article speculates that one of the bidders might be one of our Santa Cruz county construction companies - Granite Construction -

I hope they don't do this ... it seems like its one of those projects that could lead to corporate perdition. And if they do - it better be on a cost-plus basis. (On the other hand, they will be run out of Santa Cruz country on a rail.)

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This headline really ought to be "Trump establishes task forces to remove life saving regulations".

Our regulatory system grew out of the late 1880's when people died because of dangerous food, trains killed people because of unsafe practices, and people were cheated out of their life savings by unscrupulous operators.

I personally don't give a diddly-quack if some factory has to stop making poisonous candy or some some coal mines are closed because those mines are death traps or the polluted water running off from the mines cripple children downstream.

Regulation is, in general, for our benefit. If some cheating hedge fund managers are prevented by regulations from buying an even larger house in the Hamptons or a villa in Provence, then too bad.

Sure, keeping predatory industries alive and bad products on the shelves will cause some low level jobs to go away.

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Seen entering the west wing....

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Even the Murdoch paper is growing a pair: "had we known at the time, we would not have participated, and we will not participate in such closed briefings in the future."

I anticipate lawsuits based on equal protection grounds.

I also predict that all of the real media will form a pool in which they only thing they send to drumpf is a single reporter with a notepad, a recorder, and a single camera.

It is long past time that the press stop being an open microphone for drumpf and his despicable noise.

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Here's the February edition of glossy summary of the month's work on the California High Speed Rail (HSR) project...

73.56 inches - that's the current rainfall total for the season at the main Santa Cruz reservoir. That's more than 6 feet of rain. (And more is on the way.)

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Our local police "denounce" DHS for providing misleading information that resulted in the use of local/city police assets to support Federal actions that are contrary to the city's policies.

As I've mentioned before - if the Feds come around with a proper warrant our police are going to be cooperative. But a mere assertion by the Feds that someone is a "bad dude" is going to elicit a response that "we need something more concrete before we go around arresting people".

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I think that Attila the Trump has been watching too many movies like this one....

Do we really want to go back to the depths of the cold war and people like Curtis Lemay?

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If brand-R politicos and a lot of our citizens were to have to to have a heraldic device created they would have Two Idiots Rampant on a Field of Stupid.
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