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The all-nighter I just pulled made me realize two things.
1. I may have slight insomnia.
2. I need a good hobby...something to do at nights.

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Happy July 4th.

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Oh my goodness, I highly recommend going through these...
What do Lindsay Lohan, Roger Clemens and Larry King have in common? They're all celebrities, and they were all foolish enough to answer Conan's "Celebrity Survey."

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Best video I've seen in a while...

Congrats to Jeris Pendleton for getting drafted to the Jaguars. Way to put Ashland on the map.

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Wow Kilhefner, great new handles.

"Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we'll find it." Sam Levenson popping up in my e-mail with awesome quotes.

Post has attachment Man I just wish it was football season already!

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Final four, might want to vote now before it's too late...
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