This week we talk with Dan from EQ Comics about how he promotes his work and stays social with his readers!

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Who is Edmund Finney? What is your comic about?

Edmund Finney is a lanky, quiet, inquisitive traveler who walks the globe on a quest to find the meaning of life. Being a simple man, he carries just a small backpack, a hiking stick, and a notebook which he uses to record his thoughts as he comes across many different kinds of people and places. It’s a comedic comic strip, with dark and morbid humor at times, and oftentimes can be satirical regarding issues of our culture today.

You have Project Wonderful ads on your comic. Do you advertise with Project Wonderful as well? How do you choose where to advertise?

Yes! Project Wonderful is where I started advertising, and is responsible for a large portion (surely a majority) of my readership. I started the comic in 2009, and Project Wonderful’s ease of use enabled me to start advertising right away. Trying to use other ad networks is still tedious and confusing, while Project Wonderful has stayed nice and simple. I know this sounds like a Project Wonderful commercial, but it really was the only way I could figure out, at the time, how to get anybody to see this new comic I started posting online. In recognition of this, I’ll always have Project Wonderful ad boxes on my site for new comic creators to use as they start marketing their own projects to the masses.

My strategy to advertise is to find comics whose readership I think would be similar to mine that have a lot of traffic. I’ll look to webcomics that have comedic, quirky, and sometimes dark humor, as opposed to webcomics about gaming, or manga, or other categories that would have a different reader base than mine.

Once I decide which comics to bid on, I’ll bid on all of them for several hours in a day. I make sure that the click rate is high enough to keep each ad open, or I’ll cancel those that don’t get a large number of clicks in the first hour or so.

Then I check my site’s traffic analytics to see, of those webcomics who sent me a lot of traffic, whose readers stuck around and read multiple pages of my comic (as opposed to those who took one look and bounced). I then narrow down my advertising to concentrate on advertising on those sites, since those ads have proved to be the most effective.

I figured out this method after a long time, so maybe people can read this and get started doing this instantly.

Do you advertise your comic and your art commission services separately?

In a way, yes; that is, I don’t use Project Wonderful ads to go directly to my online store, where people can order books, prints, or commissions. Instead, I just keep the link to my online store on the comic site, which people will see when they visit. Since that is the case, I use Project Wonderful just to advertise the site itself.

I see that you recently ran a Kickstarter for your comic. Did you change your advertising to promote your Kickstarter?

Though I didn’t advertise on other sites about my Kickstarter, I changed my own site’s Project Wonderful ad boxes for it. I set a higher-than-usual minimum bid on my ad boxes, with my own Kickstarter ad/link as the default box if there were no bids. This way, if somebody went to my site, they’d see the ads for my Kickstarter instead of ads to other sites, unless somebody wanted to pay a higher price to put their ad there instead of my Kickstarter link. I like the option of being able to put our own ads there when there are no bids, instead of just a “your ad here” box. It’s very useful this way.

What else do you do to promote your work?
I use Twitter (@eqcomics) and facebook ( all the time, and a Google+ page that I should really be more active on but sometimes fail to be. All of these are linked on my main site as well, so again I just advertise my main site and just link to the others from there. I find that being active on social sites helps a comic’s creator to be more personal with his readers, which is a good way to keep people excited about your work.

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