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This week we interviewed Chris Williams! He has some great thoughts about family and advertising on a budget!

My name is Christopher Williams, creator of a comic that I share my name with: "Christopher - The True Story of a New Father" at http://www.christophercomic.com. It's a journal comic that starts when my wife and I first announced we were pregnant with our first child back in September of 2010, and I used my comic to keep track of the pregnancy itself the best that I could. Now that our child is here, I've been using to keep track of how we're handling life as new parents, as well as more personal issues. It is in every sense of the word, my journal, only in comic form.

What is the main characteristic of your advertising strategy?

I would say my strategy is pretty conservative. What I shoot for when advertising is sustainability, and getting the most bang for my buck. Money is always tight now that we're new parents, so stretching a dollar as far as I can is super important!

My usual strategy is this: Let's say I have about 10 bucks. I start a new campaign, go through the usual set up of site/traffic/ad selection, set my maximum bid to about 5 cents per ad box, with no number of maximum bids, and with a maximum daily spending limit of 10 to 20 cents. Doing the math, you can advertise using that method for about a month and a half to a little over 3 months, and that's if you don't have any PW ad space available on your own site. If you do have PW ad space on your site, and it's earning you a bit of money, then that's even longer that you can advertise! Now the trick that makes this work is that there are a good many sites with free PW advertising, so that 10 cents a day you're spending in advertising is buying you ad space on possibly hundreds of sites! This method works if you want a nice steady trickle of traffic coming in. It works great for me as I've found it is not only easy on my wallet, but it has attracted quite a few long term readers this way. But if you want to, you can most definitely increase your spending amounts and drive a LOT more traffic to your site!

What do you want to make your audience feel passionate about, and how do you make that happen?

One of the biggest things that keeps motivating me to draw my strips, is making my readers passionate about their significant others, and if they have them, their children. While my strip does touch upon some troubles we may have here and there, overall, what holds us together is how much we love each other and how much we laugh together. To me, love and laughter are the most important things one can have in this world. I do my best to show that every opportunity I get, and not in an overly dramatic movie script way, but in a more than likely silly, that's-the-way-it-really-happened way.

Who are the main groups of people you consider to be your audience?

My main audience seems to be people who are in long-term relationships, be it married or not, and with children or not. Even then, that's just a wild guess as I've found that my readers really cover a wide variety of ages!

What do you appreciate most about your audience?

Their feedback! Being the new parents that we are, I always appreciate it when readers leave little tidbits of advice in the comments section of my comics, and of course I love it when someone is relating to something I made a comic about with a tale of their own. Just makes you feel really good inside!

Who are your heroes in this area of comics? What do they do right?

The heroes in my comics would be, me, my wife, and my (now 1-year old) son! If I had to pick something to say that we're doing right, I'd say it's just making sure that we show that we love each other every day, with a hefty side of laughter to go with it.

Do you advertise? How do you decide what to advertise?

I advertise pretty frequently! As for what I'm trying to advertise, that's pretty easy, as it's once again showcasing the themes of love and laughter. I know it sounds cheesy but it's true!

Thanks for being part of Project Interview, Chris!

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