Happy Wednesday, Advertisers and Publishers!
This week we talk with Scott Drummond from Nightsmoke, an online graphic novel!
This is Project Interview, where we learn about the awesome stuff made by people who use Project Wonderful!

Hi Scott! What do you make, and who are you?

Why hello! I make a webcomic called Nightsmoke, at NightsmokeComic.com. It's the classic tale of growing up and adapting in a new city, trying to make new friends and dealing with the super powers you've accidentally been given. There's a little romance, a little intrigue and a lot of action coming your way.

I'm Scott Drummond, and I've been working on Nightsmoke since late last year. I've done a number of webcomics in the past, but this is my first foray into a full length graphic novel. By day, I'm an art director in Kansas City, so I consider myself very lucky to be working with the visual arts around the clock.

How do you promote your work with Project Wonderful?

I've been promoting Nightsmoke with PW for a little while now and couldn't be happier with the results. After spending just a little bit a day, my traffic shot up dramatically. Since my comic is more story-based than a gag-a-day, I chose to include a bit of a teaser in my animated gif banners, so that people would understand what it was about. Coming from an advertising background, I think it's better to get more people to understand what they're clicking on rather than just clicking for the sake of metrics.

What is your favourite thing about your audience?

I'd have to say how supportive they are. I've gotten a lot of compliments and good feedback, which is always nice. I think they understand the story I'm trying to tell, and the themes that go along with that, so it's been great to share it with them and the new readers as well.

*How do you find places to connect with new readers through your advertising?

The Project Wonderful campaigns feature has been wonderful. It's incredibly easy to set up some parameters and test out what works. I started off fairly conservatively, but the more I trusted the system, the better results I got.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your comic or promotion style?

Just that I hope you check it out! And, if you enjoy it, be sure to like Nightsmoke on Facebook and/or add it to your RSS feed. I also tend to post ongoing process shots on my Twitter feed, so swing by there and say hi!

Thanks much, Project Wonderful! :)

Nightsmoke by Scott! It's got superpowers! It's got high school students!
Nightsmoke on Facebook: http://facebook.com/nightsmokecomic
Nightsmoke on Twitter: http://twitter.com/scottdrummond
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