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This week, meet Matt Bixlerfrom www.lunchcomix.com!

My name is Matt Bixler and I draw Lunch Comix.  I'm an animation student that's been working a regular service job, and I started drawing comics on my lunch break just to keep up the habit of drawing every day.  I'm now a hundred and change comics in, and as it the site goes on they're starting to grow into something bigger than the little scribbles I started out with, and now I'm just looking forward to seeing where it all ends up!

What is the main characteristic of your comic?

In the past, mostly its scribbled-paper aesthetic.  When the comic first started it was drawn almost entirely either in scrap notebooks or on sandwich paper, but as time has gone on I've been experimenting with different looks, even working animation into a lot of the comics I've done.  I recently finished a challenge to draw a comic every day for 30 days.  The sheer stir craziness of sitting down to do the comic every single day led to me taking a few chances I don't think would've occurred to me otherwise.

What does your audience feel really passionate about?

I recently experienced a huge spike when I did a (somewhat NSFW) animated comic about goofy bedtime antics.  The comic was a lot of fun to do, especially with the sheer amount of animation in it, so I'd like to think the success I find comes from trying out new things.  However, there's also a good chance that people just like seeing wieners slapping together.

What do you appreciate most about your audience?

My audience is small enough that if one of my comics gets reblogged a bunch of tumblr or some such service, I can sometimes pick out specific people.  It's a strange when I can be working on a comic and think "such-and-such person on tumblr always seems to reblog stuff about such-and-such thing, they'll probably get a kick out of this one."

Who are your heroes in this area of comics? What do they do right?

I remember way back when I was in high school I first discovered the comic artist Josh Lesnick.  He was doing a long-form comic called Wendy and to fill the gap between updates he did a simple little black-and-white gag strip called CuteWendy.  This was back when people were still getting a feel for what the internet was going to turn out to be, so when I found out you could just make things and make them available for an audience with no in-between I was floored.  It felt like being an actor and finding out you could just walk into a movie whenever you wanted or something.  It was a big motivator for me to start creating things and I feel like the idea of CuteWendy is still in my head when I'm doing my comic. 

A couple comics that I'm really enjoying right now are Aethan Wilson's Worthless Wizarding Degree and Ellie Starlin's Very Long Walk.

How do you decide what to advertise?

It almost feels trite to say but I like to be as blunt and honest as possible with my ads, simply because I don't any possibility of someone coming into my comic with the wrong impression.  I can think of more than one occasion where I got introduced to a movie or a comic or something by someone who gave me the wrong impression and even if it was something I enjoyed, just being in the wrong mindset going into it put up a roadblock.  Sort of like when you reach for a glass of orange juice thinking it's milk, the confusion completely changes the experience.

The ads I run all either have just a simple frame or illustration from one of my comics with the only copy text being "Lunch Comix: Comics made at lunch."  I feel like the venn diagram of people that ad appeals to and people that would enjoy my comic has a fair amount of overlap.

Anything else?

Follow me on my things! 
I'm on tumblr: http://qwilman.tumblr.com
google plus: +Matt Bixler 
and a desperately neglected twitter that I'm going to be picking back up soon: http://www.twitter.com/qwilman

If you're looking to jump into my comics, you might want to start at my 30-day challenge or with the first story I put up, Loveless Time: http://www.qwilman.com/lunchcomix/?p=1180

Also thank you!
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