It's time for Project Interview!
Each week, we talk with a creator about what they make and how they promote it using Project Wonderful!

This week's interviewee is +Jeff Beckman from Ulti-Man!

What is the main characteristic of your comic?
I suppose the main characteristic of the comic would be Ultimate Man's struggle with his sudden loss of fame and how he's dealing with it.

What does your audience feel really passionate about?
I have kind of a small yet diverse fanbase right now, so I'm not even all that sure about their passions. I like to think some are here because they're into tokusatsu heroes like the Power Rangers, or Ultraman - some are here because they can sympathize with some of the troubles that Ultimate Man has - some are here for the laughs - and some are here for the love of comics.  

What do you appreciate most about your audience?
I appreciate them coming back to read ULTI-MAN, and commenting on comics letting me know what they like, what they don't like and making jokes. It makes me very happy to know that I am entertaining people with my comics.

Who are your heroes in this area of comics? What do they do right?
I have a lot of heroes in comics, I am most inspired by comic artists who do what they want no matter what and make really great comics that you can tell they put a lot of love into, and they keep you coming back to read on and re-read. Right now my comic obsessions are Daniel Clowes (Ice Haven, The Death Ray) and Rafael Grampa (Mesmo Delivery), as for webcomics some really super nice one's I've gotten into recently are Cucumber Quest ( ) and Helvetica ( ) you can tell they really love their characters.

How do you decide what to advertise?
There isn't a whole lot of thought process that goes into my advertisement strategy... Every once in a while I get an idea for a better looking ad than my previous one and I replace them. But I keep a few ads at a safe bid permanently and when I have a good amount of money saved from the ads on my site I put out a big bid on a high traffic site for a little while.

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