It's time for Project Interview!
Each week, we talk with a creator about what they make and how they promote it using Project Wonderful!

This week's interviewee is +Brian Patterson from d20monkey!

Hi! My name is Brian Patterson and I am the cartoonist behind the gaming webcomic, d20monkey which updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
What is the main characteristic of your comic?
The shorthand running joke is D&D and dick jokes but truthfully, I hope it is solid comics that speak to the gaming community. I poke fun at things involving gaming but I occasionally work in a commentary on issues that are important to me and hopefully in time, I will create this little pocket of the internet for gamers that is happily troll-free. If I ever make Penny Arcade money, I might build a gated community for gamers. Like a gamer wildlife preserve.
What does your audience feel really passionate about?
Gaming. Hands-down my audience loves to play games, whether it be role-playing games, board games, video games, or card games, if there is something fun going on my audience is usually there. Also, dick jokes. My audience has a real lust for dick jokes.
What do you appreciate most about your audience?
Two things: Their passion for gaming as I mentioned and their honesty. I am fortunate enough to have attracted a group of readers who are mature, funny, and genuinely care. They catch typos and communicate their opinions in the best ways via email or Twitter. If I flub a joke referencing a rule or source incorrectly they call me on it, we all have a laugh, and life goes on. Sure, I have a few trolls but my audience is full of great people and I am lucky to be a part of this little community.
Who are your heroes in comics? What do they do right?
Oh, man. I could go on about people I respect in comics for days. Webcomics today are not what webcomics were years ago when the forefathers really grabbed people’s attention. Guys like Scott Kurtz of PvP, and Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content are a few who paved the way for what you see today. I believe everyone should tip their hats to those guys but in terms of whom I follow day-to-day, I love the work of Kate Beaton, Joel Watson, and David Willis just to name a few. Everyone has their own style and presentation when it comes to advertising or self-promoting but they seem to keep things relevant and not pushy. Some folks try too hard and it can be off-putting. They keep things fun and deliver their advertising message as well. Don’t be the pushy guy. We avoid the pushy guy like a plague-carrying leper wearing a Speedo.
How do you decide what to advertise?
I tend to follow order of importance. If I have a new item in my online store or reach a milestone with the comic, I create a set of banners and launch into a new ad campaign. I also host Project Wonderful ads and it is a great source of ad revenue. I always use the funds earned through my ad space to channel right back into my own advertising for d20monkey. I love this for the quick, easy-to-manage advertising and I know that with the customizable campaigns, my ads are going to exactly the people who I want to see it. It’s great.
Anything else?
I just want to say that if you are new to comics, blogging, etc. and you are on the fence about Project Wonderful take the plunge and sign up. It is a great way to reach new audiences and meet others in your field. I’ve met many awesome cartoonists through PW advertising and if you’re just starting out this is the way to go.

Thanks, Brian!
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