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Hey - I've been pushed to new G+, and it's still got Events in the menu!
I thought it was being removed. I'm happy to see that it's stayed.

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Finally finished Stranger Things and (a) I loved it (b) it totally takes places in the Marvel U.

Canonical Marvel continuity is that Wolverine is Weapon X, and X is actually a Roman numeral—he's the 10th Weapon project. El is Weapon Eleven then. After Logan they gave up on Super Soldier Serum and decided to try to replicate the Phoenix Force. It worked, sort of, and since the Phoenix Force is a singleton across all Marvel Universes (not just the 616) El's powers end up tapping in to the Negative Zone. All the weird insect stuff in Demogorgon's lair? That's Annihilus's swarm.

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Meanwhile, in Russia

Moscow cemetery brawl: Two dead and 50 arrested -

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The author is an opinionated zombie

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Happy Easter

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I tend to say "¯\(ツ)/¯" a lot in chat, so I added an easter egg to hangouts web chat to make it easier. Start any message with "/shruggie" and it'll convert into ¯\(ツ)/¯ when you send.

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Exciting bribes await GMs ready to meet the spiking demand for Pelgrane games at Gen Con: 

Just had to revert back to Classic G+ because I use Hangouts and Events, and New G+ doesn't seem to support those. 
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